PREPPER POST NEWS – Aug. 10, 2021 – Lies and Alternatives

PREPPER POST NEWS – Aug. 10, 2021 – Lies and Alternatives


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It’s Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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All the hoax, All the time

  • Denninger breaks it down: “Warp Speed” is a 100% failure and the jabs are worthless. * If threatened with termination for not taking the jab let them fire you and sue.  Forcing people to do something that on the math does not work — probably so simply on media-reported failure rates and similar probability calculations — is either recognized by the courts on an immediately injunction basis as wrong and turned back or the only remaining choice we have as a people is to accept that we are not even entitled to reasonable health care as would be due a slave or we sack the whole of government and all of the corporations and other entities that are pushing what they know is a lie and start over.”
  • More lies: “”Data suggest Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine prevents asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection” And now the Vaccine Nazis are not only saying it isn’t preventing infections, they’re falsely claiming it isn’t even supposed to do so.” VP
  • WHO lies: Hold off on “boosters” so the BIPOCs get poisoned. WSJ
  • Controlled travel: “VAXX” or no rights to enter USSA – world will reciprocate. Reuters
  • Mobs want Rogan out after he stated the obvious that the jabs cause the mutations. RT

More Hoax…

  • How can all these bikers ride back to Sturgis if they all died last year? DNYUZ

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More Headlines Today

  • More people notice the new serfdom: “Meet Your New Feudal Overlords: While billionaires like Bill Gates buy up all the nation’s farmland, Wall Street investors snatch up every home they can get their hands on.” GenMedium
  • The Empire is collapsing (a good thing in general): “Any confrontation, with any enemy provided drones and missiles by either Russia or China, will reveal the US military to be not just a paper tiger, but a paper tiger who has been thoroughly immersed in water. At this point, I think it is more likely that we’ll wake up to find the USA being ruled by a USMC colonel and China in possession of Taiwan than for Creepy Joe’s anti-administration to engage in large-scale offensive operations outside the US borders. * It’s clear that the AIPACkers and ELOWs in the anti-administration desperately want war with Iran before they lose their influence over the US military. But it’s equally clear that the US military has no hope of winning any serious encounter with the China-Russia-Iran anti-imperial alliance. Hence the serious in-fighting presently taking place within Washington.” VP
  • Accordingly, the Taliban are retaking their country – with your weapons. SUN
  • Down, down, down: “The American people are so insouciant that they have no idea of the collapse that is staring them in the face. … Over the course of my lifetime I have watched the slow destruction of my country. I could describe in it detail year by year, but I won’t.  The young are not aware of it.  They are born into the moral, political, and legal depravity, and to them it is normal. It is all they know.  They are confident that they are more attuned to reality than an old fogey like me. The young, never having experienced the past, have no idea of what has been lost.” PCR

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: FP HOMESCHOOL????

Here’s a stupid story about a stupid man who runs a stupid department that makes people stupid. “Education secretary warns that politicizing masks could lead to in-person school disruption” CNN. Shut up, idiot!

We always talk about homeschooling. What if we did more than just talk? A suggestion was made – at FPC – about maybe, maybe doing that. We’ll briefly discuss it on today’s show. You don’t want to miss it!

Whatcha think???

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