PREPPER POST NEWS – Aug. 16, 2021 – Lies, Wars, and Numbers

PREPPER POST NEWS – Aug. 16, 2021 – Lies, Wars, and Numbers


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It’s Monday, August 16, 2021

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The Hoax Gets Heavy

  • “Your” CDC calls for concentration camps – for us. CDC
  • In Indiana, a good doctor calls for … oh, wait, YouTube didn’t like the truth again…

Mmm, hmmmm….

  • Thank God we have alternative videos! In 6 minutes, this real scientist explains reality to a school board:

The Real Deal (WATCH!) 

  • Fake Admin recruits TikTok idiots in war against American People. Watch the Queer – I say that so gay it must be an act! RT

I mean, if he was awake, even “Biden” would be embarrassed…

  • The Nazis that run LA, some of them Jewish, are mandating death jabs for entry into … just about everywhere. Mention the Nazi factor, and the Nazis are offended. F THEM! DeadLine
  • But, a real Jew, who went through it before, speaks up. Watch this, starts around 2:45:

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Surprising Nationalism Today

  • As we’re about to discuss, in somewhat uncomfortable fashion, our enemies are eliminating us. They hate places like Hungary. Here’s why:
  • Yes, Amerika faces The Camp of the Saints. Revolver. Miles for Migrants… destroying Western Civilization one boarding pass at a time. M4M.

Will the defendants rise…

Legacy Food Storage
  • As reported last week, by the end of this week, the Taliban really may control Afghanistan again. Amerika’s longest war – all in vain. Washington asked them to spare our embassy in return for recognizing their authority and giving them money. DNYUZ. They’re ignoring us as we no longer matter and they have a much better offer from China.
  • So … US Marines rescue the embassy staff. NCBC. Same with the Brits. BBC
  • At this time I’d like to congratulate the Taliban on their total victory. Nationalism rises in strange ways. It is possible that by the time you read, watch, or listen to this, they will have taken Kandahar. Excuse me, that’s done too. Kabul is next and last. Or, already done. Soon, anyway. WSJ
  • The foregoing gives some limited hope that Americans may someday retake at least a portion of the former America. Right now, it ain’t looking so good…

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Demographic Destruction of America

I’m going to talk about the 2020 Census results and what it means for the heritage population in America (and most others, indirectly). You can get the numbers and the shocking conclusions from a column I wrote and updated on Friday. 

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