PREPPER POST NEWS – Aug. 17, 2021 – Reform the Lines, Recurve the Bow

PREPPER POST NEWS – Aug. 17, 2021 – Reform the Lines, Recurve the Bow


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It’s Tuesday, August 17, 2021

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Lilly Time!

  • The most loveliest prepper lady in Austria has a new bow:

Modern formosa Dianae…


Ahem … moving along…

  • TN: Parents threaten “school” nazis over retarded mask nonsense. Great! WaPo
  • The useless ACB: Supes will not stop IU from discriminating. What else was expected? WaPo
  • This has nothing to do with the fake pandemic. The new 78!!! IQs of children in RI is a product of the changed Amerikan demographics. 78 will not keep the lights on. Guardian
  • A glimpse of the dim future! A CO town has been altered and, now, the schools are utterly failed. Civil rights, eh? WaPo(3!)
  • Oregon: government schools = zero standards. ORlive
  • While the cucks spin their faggoty bowties and the libertardians light another joint, Jennifer Rubin and Stacey Abrams celebrate reality. BLP

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More Headlines Today

  • Another day in Haiti. Another deadly earthquake. It’s terrible. The only sane solution is to import the entire nation’s population to wherever you live. SUN
  • Another day in Poland – rejected evil USSA demands. For good people, no control of the news by hostile aliens and no shakedowns either. Reuters
  • A sodomite Congress critter wants to mandate the death jab for all international travelers. Naturally. AnnB
  • The evil people holding former VP Biden hostage want to mandate all manner of wicked stupidity – DOMESTICALLY – regarding the hoax. Are we all “Biden” now? USN

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Today’s Featured Topic is: You Served The Devil

In re the massive USSA defeat in Afghanistan:

“…a goofy friend and fellow Army Ranger who used to put hot sauce on everything: “I mean, literally everything. He put hot sauce on ice cream.” Blessing was killed by an improvised bomb in Asadabad, Afghanistan, in 2003.

“I mean, why did my friend get blown up? For what?” said Amenta, who has recently spoken to nearly six dozen veterans from the post-9/11 wars to write a book that will be released next month.”

Because you and your friend, like almost all of us, were duped into evil by a band of international satanists. Thank God the immediate horror is over. Use your anger to fight the real enemy and help build something new in the wake of the empire’s just destruction.

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