PREPPER POST NEWS – Aug. 24 2021 – The Digital Age Sucks

PREPPER POST NEWS – Aug. 24 2021 – The Digital Age Sucks


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It’s Tuesday, August 24, 2021

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Around the Prepperverse

  • Might the IMF fund the Taliban’s new Afghanistan? The usual suspects say don’t do it. I imagine it will happen. WSJ
  • Another false flag at the US Capitol. “Floyd Ray Rose…”  – they’re just making this stuff up. No talking RV this time. SUN
  • Poland defies the EU over the rainbow. We could do that. RT
  • Greece built a wall! We could have done that. Reuters
  • No plot, plan, or insurrection in January 6th protest at the Capitol. The FBI won’t charge itself… Sputnik
  • Also no charges for the police officer who murdered Ashli Babitt, the unarmed White woman murdered by police during the peaceful protest that was not an insurrection. And the wheels on the bus … fell off. NBC

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More Headlines Today

  • Whatever the empire says about the “Wuhan” origins, or anything else, will be a lie. GlobalTimes
  • Upset MI parent salutes the Nazi school board, usual suspects upset… FOX5
  • What’d ya know? Fire all the unvaxxed nurses and suddenly there’s a nursing shortage. Oh, well. FEE
  • “Fully-vaxxed” means nothing. The CDC is set to endorse round 3 of the poison jabs. Data, schmata! VP
  • The stupid CDC noticed that the jabs don’t work – so, naturally, get another one… WaPo

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Fully Vaxx? For What?

“Governor Greg Abbott today tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The governor has been testing daily, and today was the first positive test result. Governor Abbott is in constant communication with his staff, agency heads, and government officials to ensure that state government continues to operate smoothly and efficiently. The governor will isolate in the Governor’s Mansion and continue to test daily. Governor Abbott is receiving regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatment.”

Back in 2020, Gov. Abbott on Tuesday, Dec. 22, joined the ranks of governors receiving the COVID-19 vaccine on live television in hopes of assuring the public that the inoculations are safe.”

Not “safe,” useless.


And, here’s one more BS “news” piece.

Whatcha think???

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