PREPPER POST NEWS – August 3, 2021 – Fake Leaders!?

PREPPER POST NEWS – August 3, 2021 – Fake Leaders


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Best Bug Out Nations?

  • NZ tops the list – it’s where all the elite trash have bunkers – along with Iceland, Ireland, Tasmania, and the UK… Stuck on an island? Guardian

Criminal Minds

  • MN continues to discover DIEversity = beheadings in the street! Shocking! CBS4. Literally beheading “America.” 

Scott Co. SO.

  • Even Kalifornians are starting to think it’s the criminals, not the guns. Yahoo

Get Strong

  • Muscular men are stronger and more likely to resist wokedom. BrunelU.

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

The Hoax

  • Mexico refuses to force the vaxx poison on children. Wow. RT
  • Old Dusthead wants to bribe USians with $100!!!!!! To poison themselves. What a deal! TheHill
  • The Vaxx is the variant. PCR. “CDC Says 75% of “delta variant” Covid Cases are Among the Covid Vaccinated.” See: HerlandReport: “Covid-19 vaccines cause dramatic rise: The Gérard Delépine article is worth revisiting as it demonstrated that mortality and morbidity has increased dramatically as a result of the Covid-19 vaccine in many nations. Covid positive cases have also increased.”
  • Starter Legal Help for those with vaxx-mad employers: GAB.

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Real Evil System – Fake Right Grifters

Caitlin Johnstone wrote a great short on how our failed econo-political system, not the individual rats in it, is the real problem. A little too libertarian maybe, but heartfelt.

“If the working class had as much class solidarity as the ruling class has there never would’ve been a ruling class.

Stealing someone’s labor is worse than stealing their property, because it’s theft of their life; you can replace property if you want, but you can’t replace hours of life. And rigging the system so people need to work longer hours in order to survive is this form of theft at mass scale.”

Vox Day notes how the fake right gets and keeps its hold on the “loyal opposition” spot:

“The conservative grifter factory

 As AC constantly points out, most of what you see is fake and manufactured. That includes many, if not most, of the conservative media celebrities. Ben Shapiro was obviously manufactured, having been forced on conservatives since he was an abused little boy, but the mechanism wasn’t quite so obvious with a lot of other conservative talking heads. Fortunately, National Justice has been digging into their backgrounds.

They’re prominent guests on Fox, they lead “grassroots” rallies, they write columns at The Blaze, they are keynote speakers at CPAC, a few were even used to blackmail perceived enemies of Israeli interests — and they all got their start as actors and models at the same Israeli-owned talent agency.”

Candace Owens, Tarah Price, and many more… When it’s too good to be true, then it’s false.

Whatcha think???

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