PREPPER POST NEWS – August 6, 2021 – Back to School, Back to Sanity

PREPPER POST NEWS – August 6, 2021 – Back to School, Back to Sanity


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It’s Friday, August 6, 2021

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HOAXline Stories in the News

  • Dr. Bathhouse: “More pain and suffering ahead.” If he’s talking about himself and his conspirators, good. AP
  • This article from CNBC is provided as an example of the hysteria and propaganda. Everything in it is utter BS.
  • Fully-”vaccinated” Senator Grahamnesty (Swishy – SC) has a “breakthrough” infection. Go, “vaccine,” go! I mean, uh, get well soon… TheHill

COVID Love Connection

  • Evil Apple banned an app for the unvaxxed looking for love. A good point: do you really want to date or mate with experimental mutants?! BizInsider

Do as They Say, Not as They Prep

  • More elites who call people like us tinfoil hat nuts, are bugging out to their private islands. Nice. ZeroHedge

No Human Shields

  • This Tucker C story reiterates a point from the Antifa uprising of 2020 – these people will attack you in front of your kids. They even say so during the attack. RT

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More Headlines Today

  • Merkel’s SS did nothing to stop the invasion of Germany, yet they happily chokeslam old women. RT
  • Lake Tahoe: these plague-ridden chipmunks need a visit from Dr. Bathhouse – tiny masks, 6 inch social distances, and poison jabs. KTLA
  • Morehouse, like some other HBCs, does the right thing with some of the fake pandemic fake money – paying off their student’s fake debts. HBCs, by the way, offer as good an educational offer as other USian schools and are no longer exclusively Black. AJC
  • Parents who don’t care about their kids send them to failed government (and private) concentration camps. Their “concerns” are just guilt nagging away. We know the solution. StudyFinds

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: Have Children!

I just wrote a column about the changed, terminal demographics of the USSA. The still-barely-there majority has itself to blame. While allowing the invasion and disintegration, we also failed to propagate replacement people. There was (and is) a way to fix that: Jessica Kramer at CRISIS:

““Get married and start a family.”

Sage advice given to the next generation of young conservatives at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s conference, held this past weekend in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s about time the emerging new Right of the conservative movement got its priorities straight. If anything, something as timeless and as necessary as this should have been said decades earlier to prevent our current social failure. 

The failure is that while our GDP goes up, our birth rates continue to go down. 

As keynote speaker and U.S. Senate Candidate from Ohio J.D. Vance remarked, that’s the only metric that should matter. Or as John Zmirak put it, “It’s a sober, unfalsified vote count of what our citizens think about life in our country. Do they think it’s worth passing along? Or must we rely on strangers coming in and replacing our culture with their own?”

Whatcha think???

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