PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 16, 2020 – A Call For Nationalism

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 16, 2020 – A Call For Nationalism


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

CCP Makes The Case For Nationalism

China is widely known for communism, though it is a different form of communism than base Marxism and even from USSR or Chinese communism of the 20th Century. It is grounded in the national interests of the Chinese nation, as dictated (and jealously guarded) by the CCP. It is a force that relentlessly resists globalist intrusion internally while relentlessly exploiting the same schemes externally. From a viewpoint of homogenous preservation, it is brilliant.

The CCP has done us a great, indirect favor thanks to their out-of-character carelessness. A leak occurred with revealed nearly 2 Million CCP members or agents operating worldwide in governments and businesses. Some 52,000 are in the US – at a minimum. 

This episode, long suspected and now open, proves the value of exclusion of even potentially hostile foreigners. This should be the death kneel of free trade and free migration, especially in a declining power like the US that is universally on the losing end of all such deals – even without the added spies. It’s time for mass arrests and expulsions.

*The list, which has been verified by multiple Western parties (not the AP), is on GitLab, which requires login verification. It’s in Chinese though names have been translated. Full translation is underway. 

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Headline Stories in the News

Devil in the SBC Details

  • Beth Moore detests the Lord’s plan for nationalism, especially the Christian variety. “I do not believe these are days for mincing words. I’m 63 1/2 years old & I have never seen anything in these United States of America I found more astonishingly seductive & dangerous to the saints of God than Trumpism. This Christian nationalism is not of God. Move back from it.” Like her father… (NOT married to Dr. Russel Moore, another agent of the prince of the world, SBC chapter). BM/Twitter
  • Here, it might be a jolly time to explore the nature of sin, and those sins which predominate the West today, Fear, Resentment, and Despair. See Bruce Charlton for more.

The Selection Processes…

  • Here, we know all about Big Tech censorship of even the barest mention of evidence or dissent. Still, Dr. Roberts has some great words of summation. PCR.
  • It’s clear as a bell and carved in stone, right. The AP has declared, December 14th, blah, blah, blah, right? It’s not quite that simple and nothing is sure. Look at some of the legal and historic possibilities. Alexander Macris
  • Sydney Powell remembered a funny little Executive Order. Might it become relevant VERY SOON? When do 45 days run out? EpochTimes
  • Vox Day observed a warning given by the author of that EO to the usual suspects. Will they heed it? Probably not… VP. The dialogue:

“Speaker 11: You know that it’s tradition for previous president’s to go to the next president’s inauguration. So will you attend Joe Biden’s?

President Trump: I don’t want to say that yet.

Speaker 11: But he is going to be inaugurated.

President Trump: I mean, I know the answer. I’ll be honest. I know the answer, but I just don’t want to say it yet.

Speaker 11: Is that a yes?

President Trump: Look. A thing like this possibly has never happened before, but maybe people just didn’t catch it. But we’ve caught it.

  • More evidence (that doesn’t exist…) from the Dominion Machines of Antrim County, MI: “The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity. Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years, but all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing.” Hmmm

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

COVID Does the Silliest Things

  • Forget the COVID angle in this story. What happens when you call 911 and there is no answer. It sometimes happens and will happen again. What then? FOXnews
  • Forget the COVID thing again. Just take a look at the rising “interest” in doomsday bunkers. For the government problems, right? SUN
  • Wash your hands! Until they bleed. A world of germaphobes as they self-confess. 73% of “men” and 57% of women. StudyFinds






Read Eric Peters’s account of his elderly mother, held hostage by the criminal state of Virginia, during the COVID war… He sounds like he’s reaching the … yeah. God Bless you and your mom, Eric! EPAutos

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