PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 17, 2020 – The Big Leak

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 17, 2020 – The Big Leak


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

WikiLeaks opens all of their files…

Perrin discusses some of this, some of the files, and some of the allegations. If you want something to do for the next three years, then visit WIKILEAKS. Something, somethings in this will make some people very uncomfortable. “Trusted sources” are already denying some of the information, thus verifying it.

Whatcha think???


Headline Stories in the News


  • Mitch McConnell has recognized Joe Biden as the President-Elect! AP
  • But … Biden tells all ten or twelve of his actual, living supporters to stay home on inauguration day. That’s probably very good advice, how kind of Joe. Axios
  • Yes! The Electoral College has spoken loud and clear! The fact that 7 states sent two sets of slates for Mike Pence to consider means nothing. NBCnews
  • Here’s the “not so fast” material facts behind the truth of Trump’s victory, er, the way the election is heading. PAY NO ATTENTION to Google’s red screen warnings, an attempt to make Vox Day even richer. VP


  • The K pods are in. Ordering info soon to follow. They look something like this:

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

A Reminder

  • It’s not just the US. The EU authorities are getting tired of Big Tech. Read more: CNBC.


  • Minister Farrakhan is on it again. Yeah, his words are strong but he has been known to be right about a few things – like “vaccines.” DailyCaller
  • It’s not your average pandemic. Look at these case distribution graphs and make sense along with Larry Romanoff. UNZ

No Men Allowed

  • At the all-boys prep school. Eton, in the UK, has canned honest, manly English teacher Will Knowland for daring to suggest some kind of feminist agenda is in place to crush masculinity. I’m sure YT approves. Next, I hear they’re killing the English department… RT






Legacy Food Storage

JP is on it with his friends. This is hilarious. Watch before it gets banned. 

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