PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 18, 2020 – The Parallel World

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 18, 2020 – The Parallel World


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Will “They” Continue to Defy Reality?

The evidence is clear and the legal process is working, despite their lies and their threats. Donald Trump, love him, like him, go neutral, or hate him, won the 2020 election. He will commence his second term in January. Joe Biden will never work or reside or maybe even see the inside of the White House again. He may be lucky to avoid prison. As I’ve said, WE are going to have a fun 2021.

But, what about the psychos and idiots on the other side? Will they continue as if Biden is the President?! March, 2021, MSM: “President Biden met with world leaders today at the blah, blah, blah…” Pitiful.

These cretins have, or should have, lost all credibility. Will anyone ever trust them again? (Yes, stupid people surely will). But, on our side, can they be finally kicked out of the system as fake news and worse? If so, could PPN and FP get some WH press credentials? 

Whatcha think???


REALITY Headline Stories in the News

  • Trump won. Trump won. Trump won. Period. And by a larger margin than we even suspected. VP
  • Court-mandated audits in MI reveal more of the extent of the massive fraud the sh!t-eating lowlifes don’t won’t us noticing. RT
  • Even the mainstream CONservative press has noticed. They even discovered how the EC works. And yes, they’re making fun of it, but even a few liberals are slowly coming around. AmThinker
  • And, more and more intelligent people are starting to notice our ultimate reality – a very turbulent future, not necessarily political. LRC

The Cult of the Hoax of 2020

  • Oh, no! The “pandemic” has strained social media relationships among the lower-IQ’d! It would be funny were this confined to social media. CNN
  • Visit Mossyrock, WA, the town that wasn’t fooled. They ignored the hoax and guess what happened? DailyMail
  • Where’s the flu? Did the magic “vaccine” already cure it too? BS. PCR

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Hoax Nation, Hoax “Schools”

  • Under the horrors of the “pandemic,” public schools face a teacher shortage. This from and in a dead industry of death that literally will not tolerate real, honest, and qualified teachers. There’s a sub shortage too… Exactly what the system deserves! WSJ

Do We Deserve Homes??

  • Californians are on the move – fleeing the mess they helped create. And they’re landing in Austin, Nashville, and other formerly decent places. Better watch out! CNBC
  • 687,000 alone have moved to TX in the past decade. You cowpokes noticing any changes? SeattleTimes
  • While TX is overrun and altered, Eastern Europe stands strong! To the shock and dismay of the usual suspects in Brussels and beyond, Hungary just made it harder for freaks to molest children. Wow, who do these nationalists think they are? Hungarians? RT


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In Paris, at city hall, parity looks like (illegal) domination. Not that the law matters when gurrrl power is working the black magic. Behold the rule of women and children as promised in the Bible. Yahoo!

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