PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 2, 2020 – Preppers On The Road

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 2, 2020 – Preppers On The Road


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Preppers on the Road

It’s an amalgam of automotive and mobile topics. Today it’s a subject that’s always in the news, along with a plug for a great and entertaining thinker, Eric Peters. When buying a car, especially today, look long and hard at the older, used models! See Eric’s reasons why. Perrin will have more on this “moving” topic. 

Visit: EP Autos, and

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Headline Stories in the News

  • We know where the FP audience stands on the “vaccine.” But, if you’re on the fence still, here are some reasons to avoid the needle. UNZ
  • And, it’s important for everyone to have good information from an unbiased source about what exactly we are dealing with. Read the attached: Blaylock

Dr. R. Blaylock.

  • More medical news, of a disturbing kind, from Down Under. If you refuse to abuse your confused child with hellish hormone insanity, the health Nazis will steal the child! Transanity… RT
  • Kids = money, to the government schools. So, if children go missing, say, during a “pandemic,” then the schools lose cash. They care little to nothing about education, but they want the funds. NM has a problem – other states do too. Read more from Organic Prepper.

“Post-Trump” News

  • Just like the AP, the EU has plans for moving on. Here, one set of globalists want to entrap the US in a fight against another set of globalists. What a surprise they’re in for. Reuters
  • More “crazy conspiracy theories!” The usual suspects are still upset that Trump won’t admit what hasn’t happened. Now, he’s truthfully telling the press that the deep state did in fact conspire against him. The deep state is upset. Maybe not as much as they will be… DailyBeast
  • Didn’t I tell you? Monday, I presented a theory that US intel and President Trump were behind the massive evidence of massive election fraud. Here’s partial confirmation from Sydney Powell. FreshAmNews

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War and Money…

  • More information keeps coming out about the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Mossad at the bottom? See the DailyMail. And, we’re getting naturally conflicting reports about the methods. More, from RT.
  • Just like the war-mongers – because they are really one and the same – the Fed just can’t stop interfering in the economy, which the AP now, again, says is in trouble. And, again, these fools have laid a trap and now walked into it. AP
  • Wall Street, propped up from fake funny money, is fine. You’d only know about troubles on Main Street, including Main Street, USA at Disneyland. The Devil Mouse is about to can 32,000 employees, mostly at the theme parks. Did the “virus” do it?? TheWrap


Legacy Food Storage





The rise of gurrl power has had some stiff consequences for America and the West. The Z Man writes all about it. Hey, men, you know we let it happen, right?  Taki


For some interesting, two-fisted inspiration for the day, Iron Mike is back in the ring and swinging … at 54. Never stop and never give up! USAToday

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