PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 2, 2021 – Please Help Our “Helpers”

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 2, 2021 – Please Help Our “Helpers”


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It’s Thursday, December 2, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.

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War in the News

  • While pushing like crazy for a war with Russia, the foreign satanists who rule the remains of America desperately want a war with China. Taiwan is as good an excuse as any. A Suez Canal moment? AsiaTimes
  • A reminder that the above risks playing with nuclear fire. CaitlinJ.
  • Militaries are used in wars and against enemies. Is that why the Dutch now resort to using MPs to detain hoax victims? NBC
  • Trust Hollywood? “Seriously. In perhaps the most ironic moment in the history of literature, the CIA actually made an animated movie version of Animal Farm. Of course, they rewrote Orwell’s ending to fit the message. CIA operative Howard Hunt, of Watergate fame, would recall in his memoir that they “tweaked [it] … Other key contributors to the movie included Hollywood producer and agent Carleton Alsop and scriptwriter Finis Farr, who were both actually with the CIA. The CIA followed this project up by acquiring the rights to 1984. You got it: Big Brother owns Big Brother.” AntiWar

Homeschool or Risk Jail

  • A MI mom has been entrapped for felony eavesdropping by a vengeful government school board over her “terrorist” protests of the rot. Typical and another reason to depart the sinking (or sunk) ship. LRC


  • AC offers some very good reasons to reject it. Hint: the vaxx part is only the beginning. AC

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More Headlines Today

  • The more the vaxx, the more the covi cases… “Speaking to Channel 13 TV News on August 5, 2021, Dr. Kobi Haviv, medical director of Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem, said that “85-90% of hospitalizations are of fully vaccinated people” and “95% of severe patients are vaccinated.” destroying vaccine propaganda claiming that the vaccine would protect against severe forms.” GloRes
  • They have their plans – and they sadly work. So, we need ours… 

Karl D. offers a start. VP.

  • That, vs. the Floridian example: “Florida, a free and open state despite the White House idiot’s best efforts to deep-six Florida in the failed Covid protocol, has the lowest Covid cases per capita.  No Austrian home arrest, no Australian concentration camps, no mandated vaccination as in tyrannical Democrat-controlled US states, no mask mandates.  How long will the Washington Nazis tolerate a free state? Will Biden send troops to enforce his Death Policy?  Will Fauci concoct a special variant to unleash on Florida? How long will Florida be permitted to stand as a beacon of Freedom?” PCR

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Today’s Featured Topic is: A Real Amerikan

Don’t forget about all of the heroic Afghan interpreters (millions of them?) who helped us win the war against whatever it was over, over … there somewhere or other. We need to get all of these incompatible terrorists that the Taliban want to kill on sight into the US as fast as possible. They are the best among us. 

Some, luckily, have already been here for a few years! Take Ajmal Amani of Kabul San Fransissy: he helped us and we owe him. Ergo, the courts looked the other way when he committed his first (known) felony back in 2019. His luck ran out recently when he tried to “help’ the police by attacking them with a knife.

“Police on Wednesday released video of officers shooting a knife-wielding man who charged at them in a residential hotel.

Ajmal Amani, 41, was shot Friday morning in the narrow corridor of the building on South of Market after threatening several people with a large kitchen knife. He was shot in the stomach and leg and died at a hospital.

Amani was a former Afghan interpreter for U.S. special forces who had been shot several times during more than five years of service and struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder, his former lawyer, his case manager and a property manager told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Amani was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in 2019 for allegedly slashing a city park ranger with a box cutter who said he appeared to be in an “altered mental state.””

I ask for a moment of silence for this brave hero. He was much more valuable than, say, American imperial workers, who will be canned (after the “holidays”) for vaxx compliance failure. 

In a time of global crisis (insert one at will), we need more box cutter and knife-wielding maniacs. 

We also need to break away, avoid the cities, go armed, and live as if we were under constant attack – because we are.

Whatcha think???

As always, we appreciate your patronage! 

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