PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 21, 2021 – Perrin Before Swine? (Cartoon)

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 21, 2021 – Perrin Before Swine? (Cartoon)


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It’s Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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Perrin in for Pearls Before Swine:


Hoaxline Stories in the News

  • The CDC ramps up more (fake) predicitons of imminent doom. Remember, we were supposed to have 2.2 million dead ‘Muricans by August of 2020. DM
  • Biden didn’t get the memo?! After some fear mongering, lies, and “Biden” forgetting where he was, the “Biden” team kind of shrugged and said, “oh, yeah, well, something to just live with. Or, something. Ho. Hum.” The tide is turning. CNN
  • The “conspiracy theory” tards won’t like this: “COVID vaccines are “irreversible and potentially permanently damaging,” says Dr. Robert Malone, who explains why 16,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world signed a declaration publicly declaring healthy children should not be vaccinated for COVID-19.” LRC
  • “All Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland will move to virtual learning for the final stretch of the school year and into the first month of 2022 due to an uptick in cases found within the school system, the school system’s CEO announced Friday.” This “school” system is as bad as one would imagine and should be closed. Thank you, Corona Hoax! WTOP

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Geo-Pol Headlines Today

  • What was that 1st Amendment thing? “In an audacious attack on free speech, journalists and writers based in the United States have now been banned by the U.S. federal authorities from publishing articles with Strategic Culture Foundation.” There is no “free” press in the USSA. Strat-Cult.
  • The Danes are getting serious! They’re about to ship foreign invader criminals to Kosovo for incarceration – ahead of deportation. A step in the right direction! Europe is gonna make it! RT
  • The USSA will also be just fine… Here, Derek Chauvin pled guilty on trumped-up federal charges in order to avoid a second show trial. Just us? NPR
  • It’s not the French General’s Letter. 3 retired USSA Army Generals urge the military to do something to prevent a civil war after the 2024 election. WashEx. “War game” it, they say. Yes, that has worked out so well with all the other conflicts the empire has lost these past 75 years. Ho. Hum? Newsweek
  • PS: Moving trash into Dixie is not “rising again,” RT pleasantries aside.

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