PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 22, 2020 – The “Equity” of Things

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 22, 2020 – The “Equity” of Things


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Today’s Featured Topic is:


People are lining up for and passing out from the latest, greatest, untested, suspicious “vaccine.” But, what if there had always been a safe, effective, and proven “cure?” There was and there is. Why are we not told about things like this? Karl Denniger explains the simple miracle of Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug that stops “COVID” in its tracks – in people. Its widespread use in places like Africa explains why they have next to no cases in Africa. Karl has more

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Headline Stories in the News

  • Equitable distribution by race? That’s what’s happening in half of US states, where non-white people are prioritized first for the “vaccine.” I’d be very suspicious of this. DailyMail
  • CNN is fretting over how careful news outlets have to be on reporting the truth about the “vaccine,” serious adverse reactions included. Like in that nurse in TN. Unfounded rumors, which I cannot verify, suggest that she died from the shot. 

Suddenly Preppers are Cool

  • The MSM is amazed that some of us had a little forethought. Why does anyone pay attention to the MSM? CNBC

A Narrative Shift?

  • What EO? Now, years behind the curve, dopey law professors notice that someone may have a plan and the power to enforce justice. How nice. VP
  • They’re contemplating martial law, the Insurrection Act, and a special counsel. They’re not as cocky as they were, likely to soon start moaning about their losing. Politico

Macro Economic Issues

  • The Bigs get bigger. Axios. While the poor keep suffering. GWTimes Another bailout, right?

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Operation Northwoods 9/11 2.0 3.0

  • The most suspect government claims another “terrorist” attempted another 9/11. What, if any of this should we believe? Kenya, Philippines – hooray for diversity! NBC4NY

Foreign Affairs

  • A damning analysis of US maritime power over the next 10 years. Our Navy is about in the shape of South Africa’s. USDOD


  • Mossad at the movies. This is really nothing new, and hardly limited to Israeli propaganda. And who sees movies anymore? Hchron/WaPo
  • In not-unrelated fake news, Bob Iger to China? Something smells, not that there will be any ambassadors appointed by “president” Biden. WSJ




Legacy Food Storage

Dilbert Down!


Well, it’s Scott Adams. FP isn’t alone in offending the offensive SJWs of Youtube… 

“Ask yourself why a social media platform that has more fake news than real news only blocks election allegations it claims are false, and not everything else. The Republic is dead.” Lifesite

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