PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 23, 2020 – Foreign Interference

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 23, 2020 – Foreign Interference


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Foreign Interference

Russia, Russia, RUSSIA! The latest spin on the hysteria is that Russia hacked the government and many government-created corporations. That may be the truth, although I doubt it. More on the cast today! Reuters has a story this week entitled: “’Powerful tradecraft’: how foreign cyber-spies compromised America.”

It is not cyber spying that “compromised” America. And, why do these people hate Russia so much? There’s a surprisingly easy and alarming answer. Who was the father of the Neocons???

Whatcha think???


Headline Stories in the News

  • We know who they are. Who are (or were) we? Here’s a very good essay on the humble. Maligned WASP. “The defining characteristic of WASPs is that they are much less ethnocentric than other peoples; indeed for all practical purposes Anglo-Saxon Protestants appear to be all but completely bereft of in-group solidarity. They are therefore open to exploitation by free-riders from other, more ethnocentric, groups.” UNZ
  • An up-to-date assessment of the damage done, read this from Dr. Roberts. PCR
  • They just don’t want to be noticed – too much. When they are, they bluster and threaten. Like this idiocy from Carlos Slim’s Blog. (Remember their treatment of Nick Sandman, Kyle Rittenhouse, George Zimmerman, ETC).

True Evil

  • The Gammas are still mocking the notion of the satanic panic, even after definitive proof surfaced. They don’t do proof, evidence, or intelligence. Pizzagate, Epstein, and more are all hoaxes to them (thus, known truths). Like this recent arrest must be a hoax, right? DailyMail

Some “Relief”

  • Hooray for Congress! We’re saved now that all these (additional) Trillions will flow forth. NBCnews

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Christmas Canceled?

  • Not here, not for us. But, Bo-Jo is locking down the UK again. The modern-day Scrooge, with power… Spiked
  • The new strain… We’re straining, all-right. Boris, Boris, Boris. CNN
  • How can they tell any strains apart with a PCR test that is admittedly faulty. False positive admissions from the official experts at the WHO. Convenient? ZeroHedge 




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