PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 28, 2021 – Alliance Against Evil

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 28, 2021 – Alliance Against Evil


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Headline Stories in the News

  • Declining lifespans in the USSA, even pre-hoax. TheHill
  • LA: dead at 14 in store crossfire. AP
  • Serious as a heart attack – dead athletes pile up after the death jab. GloRes


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War Headlines Today

  • Nazis in Austria hunting free people. May the tables turn. 7.62 mm. GloRes
  • Our real enemies really advance their fantasy war with RUS. VP
  • Their lies (and that’s all they have) poke the Bear. RT
  • Even the USSN can do the math on the new terrible imbalance. MOA. At least the war will be short.
  • These people want multiple wars at once, which will lead to ruin…
  • Perrin welcomes the new, tech-free dark age!

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Anti-Globalist Alliance

May as well be Russia and China. RT

“Despite having had tense relations in the past, Moscow and Beijing are now working together on an unprecedented number of issues, including trade, technology, and defense, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

Speaking to journalists as part of his annual press conference, the Russian leader said that he and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping address each other as “friends.”

“We have very trusting relations and it helps us build good business ties as well,” Putin added, noting that Beijing is an “obvious leader” in the global economy and Asia, meaning that it is only natural that Russia develops relations with China in this field.

Putin stated that Russia is “China’s number one partner,” stressing that they work in a lot of areas, including the energy sector, space exploration, and on humanitarian issues. He said that this “brings us closer together.”

“We are cooperating in the field of security. The Chinese Army is equipped to a significant extent with the world’s most advanced weapons systems. We are even developing certain high-tech weapons together,” the Russian leader went on.

He said that there has been nothing like Russia and China’s current relations in history before, and remarked that this serves as a “stabilizing factor” on the world stage.

Putin’s remarks come after a video conference with Xi last week amid worsening relations between East and West. Yuri Ushakov, the Russian leader’s foreign policy advisor, said after the talks that Moscow and Beijing vowed to develop shared financial structures to enable the two nations to deepen their economic ties, without the interference of third countries.”

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