PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 3, 2020 – What “They” Think Of Us

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 3, 2020 – What “They” Think Of Us


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

What Our “Betters” Really Think

Meet David Faris, political science professor, leftist (redundancy, sorry), and REALLY smart guy! He’s the author of the recent Week Op-Ed, Americans are choosing death over deprivation. He’s not the main problem, just a whining symptom. Here’s what he thinks about you and I:

“This past week, millions of Americans joined together in total defiance of all public health advice for another round of infecting and killing their loved ones, while ensuring that the nation’s medical professionals will face several more months of risky, grueling, emotionally draining labor trying to keep a country full of heedless jerks and credulous conspiracy-mongers alive.

…[blah, blah, doesn’t get any better]…

This kind of behavior is evil, selfish, and cartoonishly destructive. It fills me with incoherent rage. This is a country full of people who have completely lost their way. One of the most infuriating things about it all is that the gob-smackingly selfish actions of your friends and neighbors will serve to counteract the sacrifices of those who have spent the past 9 months trying to do the right thing.”

Projection. He is well-acquainted with “evil,” and he wrote a book about the joys of filling the country with people who never had a way to lose. His rage comes from his master. Perrin discusses this, more of the same, and what to do with it. 

Whatcha think???


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Jerk, Conspiracy-monger Headline Stories in the News

  • Their words often give them away, as does the symbolism they use. We keep hearing “Dark Winter” from AP-selected president-elect Joe Biden. Where have we heard that phrase before? Read this from Mike Snyder
  • Here it comes: “The fake “vaccine” is: a means of tracking and economic control (no jab, no travel, no banking, no entrance to public spaces), a sterilant, a viral uptake supercharger, or all three…” Ann Barnhardt understands.
  • Johns Hopkins also knows, and they explained, then retracted … and will ridicule anyone who notices. The numbers are rigged – mere reclassifications. The CDC will have explaining to do when the total deaths in 2020 are down from 2019. Rappaport
  • If it is so bad, then what are the odds that a 101-year-old woman could get “it” three times and still survive. Ask Maria Orsingher of Italy. RT


  • What’s the solution? According to multiple sources, “it” spreads not through Thanksgiving dinners, but from supermarkets and other large retailers. #SupermarketControl??? The bigs stay open and the small businesses, 25% in places like NJ, close for good. CBS11DFW
  • In the dystopian police state formerly known as the UK, you may soon need a COVID “passport” … to order a beer or watch a movie. TheHill

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Question Everything

  • They’re labor and unemployment numbers are rigged. And they have been. When unemployment rises, they adjust how the calculations are made. They’ve done it since the Carter Administration, and they still do it now. “The nation’s system for providing unemployment benefits to jobless workers has consistently produced inaccurate data and lower-than-appropriate payouts to millions of workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic, a government watchdog said Monday. The Labor Department’s weekly reports on jobless claims have published “flawed estimates of the number of individuals receiving benefits each week throughout the pandemic,” the Government Accountability Office said…” No kidding. WSJ
  • Rumors are nothing new and can be a sign of things unfolding or to come. Again, Ann B gets it. A rumor on Twitter (account “suspended”) and on the Chans said Gina Haspel died. Other rumors said she was killed in an incident in Germany. We don’t know. But, we do know that Social Media will suspend at the drop of a hat and that Reuters, the AP, and the NYT immediately have ready denials (for things like certain incidents in Germany) even if nothing is alleged. In their defense, these people have to perpetuate one hoax, even with others. Scytl and Soros and Gates and an “office?” Who said??? Ann had a great quote you may know: “And you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars. See that ye be not troubled. For these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” – Matthew 24: 6-13
  • The Ed tests are rigged too. Even as they show horrible “progress,” the truth is usually worse. What difference do a shutdown and a suspension of “testing” make if the average is already dismally low? WSJ
  • Their general reporting is off and known to be. Here’s why Wikipedia is a left-wing mess. 5 studies from Breitbart. Where to go for the truth? InfoGalactic!






Many are talking about the nation, few with great intelligence. Fred Reed takes a reserved look, comparing the Red Dragon to the US. Demographics is destiny, regardless of what “they” say. UNZ

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