PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 4, 2020 – Obedience and Consent

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 4, 2020 – Obedience and Consent


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Do You Consent?

Jim Quinn wrote a simple article about the new abnormal. I saw it and then saw it again at Zerohedge. It’s about the inexplicable way the seemingly vast majority of people just give up and go along, as seen in masked 2020. It is easier to be obedient and give consent to whatever “they” say, going along to get along. We’ll talk about that. Perrin is just about damned sick and tired of “getting along” and suspects he knows how you feel. So…

Whatcha think???


Headline Stories in the News

  • Need a good cheering up? A recent poll of Americans finds that 4 out of 5 are tired of this state of being, even as most of them go along… They’re seeking comfort in triviality. What’s the real solution? I’d suggest rebellion, which is probably easier than you think. The final word, below, has a good start. StudyFinds
  • There is a lot to rebel against. The World Economic Forum, whom John Kerry just preached the great reset to – even though that’s a conspiracy theory – wants you, the slaves to eat weeds. Yes, there’s more… GatewayPundit
  • Forget HIPPA and the ADA. Corporate employers want their slaves, er, employees, to provide proof of “vaccination.” Work for these satanists at your own risk. LMTonline
  • “Dark Winter” Biden plans more “stimulus.” Great… 100 days of BS. CNN

Some Resist!

  • As in New York, in California, there is a war on Christians. Sound familiar? In the name of a luciferian hoax, Gavin Newsome intends to halt the worship of Christ. Good churches have other ideas. Sic Semper Tyrannis! SacBee
  • Project Veritas always finds a way to bother the establishment. Here, they prove the left-wing biases at CNN. We kind of already knew that but it has CNN suing angry. Good work! DailyMail

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

When Your Nation Collapses

  • When, in a homogenous place like Minneapolis, you start importing the third world, you can expect third-world crime and problems. Civic nationalism has no answer for this because fake nationalism is a lie. RT
  • Libertarians got what they wanted in NJ – the legalization of the holy weed. Yay… Now, the state plans to tax it, naturally, with a “Social Equity Fee” which will provide money to fuel the stupid policies libertarians and civic nationalists cherish. You wouldn’t have these problems if … oh, well. FOX5NY

Excellent Reading:

  • Alexander Frank writes frankly about the trappings and consequences of the sexual revolution, especially as it continues to impact Christians. Crisis
  • It’s a Crisis double feature. Anthony Esolen explores the suicide of civilization. What it comes down to it is what happens when nothing is sacred. Crisis




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Here’s a recent interview with George Bruno, about succeeding no matter what, with my friend Ivan Throne.

Also, please consider Ivan’s excellent book, The Nine Laws.

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