PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 6, 2021 – MSM Finally Finds Plausible Election Fraud?!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 6, 2021 – MSM Finally Finds Plausible Election Fraud?!


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World War “C” in the News

  • Is it just me, or have they effectively banned travel? WHO: over 60, no travel. Axios
  • Another study: it’s the VAXX, stupid! “High COVID-19 vaccination rates were expected to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in populations by reducing the number of possible sources for transmission and thereby to reduce the burden of COVID-19 disease. Recent data, however, indicate that the epidemiological relevance of COVID-19 vaccinated individuals is increasing.” THE LANCET
  • Serious as a heart attack … and a dead immune system. Dr. Michael Palmer. UNZ
  • MSM late again… ??? “Did a collision of COVID-19 and HIV forge the Omicron variant?” YES! We’ve known, since the Fauci emails, that the thing was made from SAR2 and HIV, as will any resulting mutations. LATimes

Banning Truth

  • Even as the narrative falls apart and courts ban “mandates,” the AMA, BIG DOPE, and BIG MEDIA attack the dissenting (correct) doctors. LRC
  • Twitter bans and labels as unsafe the American Heart Association for noting that the poison jab causes heart problems. ZeroHedge

They Keep Attacking

  • Outgoing war criminal Bill DeBlabbio mandates death jabs … in PRIVATE schools. Sadly, many will be happy to comply. RT
  • War crimes forever and by TREATY? ClimateDepot

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It Really Is War

  • Nuts call for our mass extermination. This fool was banned, but that’s what they think and are willing to write:
  • And it’s all a war crime, literally under the Nuremberg Laws. Consent must be absolutely voluntary. VP
  • Another one sees the writing: “There is a “dangerously high risk” that the United States could slide into civil war within the next 10 years due to the “exceptional amount of polarization” currently seen in the country, says billionaire Ray Dalio.” RT
  • Interestingly, while the inevitable heats up, the military keeps losing weapons and explosives – 1,000s of them. This is what they’re willing to report. AP

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Today’s Featured Topic is: NOW they see Election Fraud!

This story from RollCall is rich. Remember the fraud and the stolen election of 2020? Yeah, they still say that never happened. Instead, the Dark State is worried that Trump will do to them what they didn’t do to him in 2024. An admission inside a denial inside a worry, etc. 

The terrible thing is that Trump alone had a chance to fix the mess earlier this year. Has his time passed? We’ll discuss. 

Whatcha think???

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