PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 7, 2020 – Sneak Attack and Guns?

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 7, 2020 – Sneak Attack and Guns?


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It’s Monday, December 7, 2020

Pearl Harbor Day

Here’s what you need to know.


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Pearl Harbor and Our Guns…

When the movie Pearl Harbor came out, in a PSA Senator John McCaine pushed gun control, which I found ironic. On this Pearl Harbor Day, we again see questions about registration and confiscation and lines in the sand. 

A couple of things… Don’t talk any more than you’re really comfortable with about yourself, your location, and your plans (or lack thereof). Watch THIS VIDEO (Law Professor James Duane)… 

Perrin has much more to say on the cast! And, you?

Whatcha think???


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Branch Covidian Headline Stories in the News

  • We must, at some point, give Dr. Tony “the Sky is Falling!” Fauci a little credit. The man never stops – here predicting “January is going to be terrible.” January 21st might be a little rough for some, but I think we’ll be okay. In fact, that settles it: January is going to be GREAT! Mastering destiny, one story about a hoax surge at a time. Newsweek
  • Your papers, please, citizen! Who am I kidding? They won’t say “please.” But, as reported here, plans are afoot for a cute, little COVID passport, courtesy of the CDC. Everyone’s going to get it! Sounds a little like a threat, no? RT

Just. Say. NO! Pic. from CNN/Twitter…

  • The clever CDC developed a playbook, 75 pages long, for implementing the “vaccination” plan. Why you might ask, was it written and printed BEFORE the “vaccine” was announced? Maybe more of the same BD hoax? Dunno… THE CDC! (paid for by your money).
  • Independently, a microbiologist in Germany, who also dismisses masks and anti-social distances, dismisses the “vaccine.” Learn why he told Laura Ingram it is dangerous. AmThinker
  • Team “Vaccine” even has reservations about their baby monster. The chairman of Pfizer isn’t sure the “vaccine” will stop hoax transmission from one victim to the next (victims of the hoax, I mean). Why? And, why not release all their data since they’ve already received blanket immunity (which should tell you something by itself)? TheHill
  • Perrin asks all kinds of questions in this rare weekend COLUMN. Read that, please. I also have some recommendations for those all giddy about the “vaccine” – and more for the saner people. DON’T TAKE IT!

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Election Fraud 2020

  • Catch President Trump’s statement last week? If not, then here it is.
  • Read faster than presidents talk? Me too. Vox Day was kind enough to put together a transcript. And he made the most interesting observation about the remarks. VP

Other Headlines

  • We lost a huge influence on conservative and libertarian economics, policy, and anti-PC nonsense last week. Dr. Walter Williams died at the age of 84. He will be missed. Here’s a tribute by someone who knew him well: LRC.
  • Just as we need honest voices in the academy, we need decent, Christian literature. Here. Archbishop Vigano explains why. LifeSite

“Memory is a fundamental element of a people’s identity, civilization and culture: a society without memory, whose patrimony consists solely of a present without a past, is condemned to have no future. It is alarming that this loss of collective memory affects not only Christian nations, but also seriously afflicts the Catholic Church herself and, consequently, Catholics.

This amnesia affects all social classes and is not the result of chance, but of systematic work on the part of those who, as enemies of the True, Good and Beautiful, must erase any ray of these divine attributes from even the most marginal aspects of social life, from our idioms, from memories of our childhood and from the stories of our grandparents. The Orwellian action of artificially remodeling the past has become commonplace in the contemporary world, to the point that a class of high school students are unable to recognize an altarpiece depicting a scene from the life of Christ or a bas-relief with one of the most revered saints of the past. Dr. Robert Hickson calls this inability “deficiency of dogmatic understanding”, “Catholic illiteracy of pestilential proportions”.






Doug Band was Bill Clinton’s batman for years. In this article, a little long and a decade or two late, he spills the beans on Clintonland. For the record, Doug Band did not kill himself. VanityFair

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