PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 9, 2020 – YouTube Declares War

PREPPER POST NEWS – Dec. 9, 2020 – YouTube Declares War


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Today’s Featured Topic is: YouTube…

So, friends, Freedom Prepper has come under attack by the digital legions of hell. Specifically, our YouTube channel has been temporarily banned (7 days) from posting new videos. This renders my call for your comments there moot. Why? Well, as usual, they will not say. But, our news video from November 18th offended them somehow. The featured topic was the Federal Reserve and the economy. Again, to know who truly rules over you, simply ask who cannot be criticized – or even mentioned in certain contexts. 

Know that we were prepared for this eventuality. It is most likely that we will be back on YouTube with new material next Monday. However, going forward, you can always find the Prepper Post News here at, as hosted on our own video servers. Click the “News” tab at the top or scroll down to “Prepper Post,” mid-homepage. We have, of course, attempted to notify our growing YT subscriber base via the existing videos and the Community.

This will be a good thing in the end! For this week, kindly shift the discussion to FPC and tell us …

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Election-Selection Headline FRAUD Stories in the News

  • The mainstream take: judge allows forensic Dominion analysis in local Antrim County, MI dispute, Trump team participates. MI-live
  • Alt take: Trump team beats corrupt local officials to obtain data on massive fraud! CDmedia
  • Trump’s take: The Donald lays out the many and varied ways that the deep state cheated the election, cheated the voters with MASSIVE fraud. Watch his 8-minute speech! GatewayPundit (Watch before YouTube bans, as they have been known to do).
  • How big is the fraud? It could be an artificial 26% boost for Biden. The white hats have the data and have applied the algorithm. Look at this most likely breakdown! “If this ratio holds up on a nationwide basis, that would mean that Trump won the popular vote 54-46, with a margin of more than 13 million votes.  Trump: 74,221,816 x 1.149425287356322 = 85,312,432. Biden: 81,284,158 x 0.8849557522123894 = 71,932,883.” The early estimates of 10 million fake or stolen votes may have been optimistic. VP

Medical Fraud in the News

  • Vaccination! It’s all the rage these days. Yet, here’s a study, of a limited number of children, which plainly shows that the vaccinated tend to have more medical problems than the unvaccinated. Coincidence? MDPI
  • NY firemen smell a “vaccine” rat. 55% of them do not intend to take the needle, which may present appearance issues for the NY elites. CBS2NY

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

  • Medical heroes on the front lines are not so keen on the needles either. Odd, right? MedicalPress
  • We’ve covered these issues before, but it bears repeating: numerous experts, including those with experience with this “vaccine” are warning about associated dangers which may well be worse than the “virus” itself. PCR
  • Given the extreme risk of infertility associated with this “vaccine,” could it more accurately be called a depopulation device or plot? UNZ
  • Daisy Luther has 5 interesting ways that normal people could be encouraged to take the “vaccine.” While they could attempt to literally force needles into our arms, they’re more likely to use schools, jobs, and travel restrictions as “persuasion.” OrganicPrepper

This Doesn’t Fit, But…

  • The UK, like many nations, has an insane “refugee” program wherein child “refugees” cannot be rejected or removed. So … meet the 40-year-old “child refugee” who created a stir at his new middle school! Real children and their concerned parents were branded as “racists” for noticing. DailyMail






Mauled at the mall, a new Amerikan tradition? I saw a recent story at the Atlanta fish wrapper that caught my personal attention. For ages, I enjoyed visiting Lenox Square, a mega-mall in Atlanta’s Buckhead district. Things have, according to the story, changed for the worse. A gun was discharged at Neiman Marcus – and this was far from the first shooting in or at the mall – this year! More societal decline and not your father’s mall scene. AJC

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