PREPPER POST NEWS – December 1, 2021 – Harassing Homeschoolers

PREPPER POST NEWS – December 1, 2021 – Harassing Homeschoolers


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It’s Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.

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White Christmas???

Meet Farmer Bill!

I threw that in just because. Short story on the show…

Law & Politics & Other Folly

  • GOP gonna GOP. You get what you vote for. VA’s Youngkin ditched on the masks and “vaxxes” earlier; now, he’s shoving baby murder and guns aside. GT/WaPo
  • The right makes an attractive hunting ground for grifters, like Candice Owens (my guess – and it’s her) in this CDAN blind item.
  • What will the grifters and cucks on the Court do in re baby murder? My guess is … grift and cuck. It is an all or nothing game. That’s why it would be better resolved by better people. AP
  • “Better people” is not synonymous with voters. The Swiss vote 62% to keep their Nazi-Covi laws. Reuters

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

The Nazi-Covi News…

  • An excellent history of the pandemic that never was. GloRes
  • Karl D. and Vox Day on the hoax of all hoaxes. “It’s becoming increasingly obvious that this entire two-year global anti-virus campaign has been a charade. Whatever the true objective was, neither saving lives nor health care was actually the purpose. Which reminds us, once again, that the one thing we can be absolutely certain is not true is whatever the official story being pushed by the government-media complex is.” VP
  • Omicron: UK, Germany, Israel, Italy, and the rest of the duped world go nuts over a Go-Bot cartoon villain. Reuters
  • READ THIS. All about the purposes of the hoax – in a word, “tyranny.” Population reduction (and control); Graphene Oxide for EZ brain manipulation (not a joke); wreck the economy so you can live in a pod and eat weeds. Etc. 

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Drive ‘Em Out, Then Hunt ‘Em Down?

By and large, “schools” in the USSA are utterly failed, wicked institutions. They literally give parents and students every justification for leaving. Take this sad but typical story from Florida in Bakersfield (for the Sun Sentinel). The “schools” in the Sunshine State are war zones, rife with violence – more than normal. It’s all because of wHaT tHE ViRus DiD!!! That, and the fact these “schools” are more concentration camps than schools. Note that many (but not enough) parents are removing their kids. Many will homeschool. The system drives people away.

Then, it harasses them.

Read the following articles by attorneys at the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

The Knock at the Door – they drive us off only to come hound us…

CPS at the Door – weaponized harassment.

This is not a direct endorsement of HSLDA, but close enough. They fight the fights all while providing how-to info and a network. Check it out. Never let the system get in the way of your child’s education.

Whatcha think???

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