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  • France: In reaction to recent events, Macron seeks a peace of sorts with the invaders bent on destroying and converting France. Yahoo
  • For their part, the invaders attacked another Church. This “words versus shotguns” ain’t working too well for the words side. AP
  • Immigration = War. Right now, it’s a war the West is losing. Badly. That’s the inescapable conclusion of reality and history, as observed at French Churches, by modern philosophers, military historians, and a 1914-era sociologist. Read this one! It explains much about what’s happened and what’s happening in Europe, the US, and elsewhere. Again, we thank Vox Day.
  • They’re attacking our Churches. Everywhere. That fact by itself lets you know who the enemy is. The Poles are ready. In addition to the police, the secret police, the military, and the reconstituted home guard (they’re serious), they now have the civilian Civil Guard, dedicated to defending Christendom in Poland against the minions of satan. Lessons to learn? Gazeta Polska
  • Lockdowns continue. The entire UK is once again in a state of siege normally reserved for prisoners in a riot or, nationally, not seen since the Blitz. Remember not to gather for Christmas dinner, this year, slaves! Elsewise, the modern Nazis might send you to prison. It won’t be a riot… Reuters
  • Also in New York: Albany hosts a little dictator named Cuomo (rhymes with “homo”), who, as you might recall, sent thousands of infected and terminally-ill people into old folks’ homes to spread disease and death. He asked you to congratulate him for doing so. Now, after instituting and enforcing visitor quarantines, he wants, no – demands, that all visitors provide testing proof before they enter HIS state. It’s like presenting your papers, citizens, except that you’re more like serfs. ABC7NY

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  • Censorship can get expensive, part and parcel of SJWs destroying institutions via convergence. Spotify paid Joe Rogan a fortune to host his popular podcast. Now, they’re deleting episodes that the house freaks find “offensive.” Dear Spotify: for only half of Joe’s $100 Million, I will happily switch platforms just to annoy your malcontents until you dismiss me – in fact, such would be the sole and express purpose of my show. Offer’s open. WSJ
  • Playing God backfires! Who could have suspected? It turns out that, despite all the !science! talk, we still know almost nothing about genes. And, in such a state, attempting to alter or edit them has unintended (and bad) consequences. Also from the WSJ.
  • A Significant Source of Stress. That’s what an election in a crazy year will get you – you and 70% of the whole population. I’m sure everything will be back to normal tomorrow… TheHill
  • The GDP. According to the highly suspicious economic statistics, the economy recovered in the third quarter, essentially erasing the horrific losses of the first half of 2020. It’s not your imagination: this is a paper hoax. While the rest of us continue to suffer, the banksters have reaped Trillion$$$$ in fake funny money. Historically, such a shift favors the presidential incumbent, though, in my video-cast talk, I mention some other factors. Smoke drifts away and mirrors break. TheWeek
  • I really wanted to fit this one in somewhere. Here(!) will do. In spite of, or because of, all the cheap, fake money floating around, people are broke. Some still want to prepare for tomorrow even as the money is beyond tight. So, the amazing Daisy Luther has eight suggestions for prepping on a constrained budget. Check them out! OrganicPrepper




“A Big Club”


Since there’s an election upon us, I thought it a jolly idea to consult the previous wisdom of the great, late George Carlin on voting and related matters. So many years after he recorded these words, they’re more important than ever. **Be advised that some of them are edgy – it’s Carlin.** For the foreign audience (Hello!), this is hyperbole, but as to how US politics really work, it is amazingly, alarmingly accurate.

Carlin/Bob Alexander/YouTube.

AND, What Perrin Forgot In The Video:


I suppose we’re about to find out. Did you see these posts recently?



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