PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 10, 2021 – Tom and Joe’s Big Party

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 10, 2021 – Tom and Joe’s Big Party


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Things You Might Have Missed At SB LV

I said to keep an eye on Tom Brady’s performance – Sunday and career-wise – as an inspiration to accomplish anything, TB12 didn’t disappoint, winning ring number seven (7!). He did, however, anger the usual suspects, by being a winner and by not complying with the COVIDIAN religion. “Seattle journalist David Kronman wrote, “Considering everything actually happening in that stadium I doubt this actually matters but a dude as famous as Tom Brady should just do the right thing and wear a mask. I think I have to turn off this game. It’s making me angry.” Can you “even?” Nat’lFile

Just before the game started, Creepy Joe beamed in with some somber words about the dark winter. The fans booed, a nice touch that also annoyed people whom we’d be better off without. PopCulture

Our enemies have done a very good job of weaponizing our sports and culture against us. How refreshing to see just a hint of fighting back.

Whatcha think???


“Forever” Stories in the News

  • It’s here to stay – forever it seems. “Vaccination drives hold out the promise of curbing Covid-19, but governments and businesses are increasingly accepting what epidemiologists have long warned: The pathogen will circulate for years, or even decades, leaving society to coexist with Covid-19 much as it does with other endemic diseases like flu, measles, and HIV.” WSJ
  • Statistical manipulation, which we’ve hammered previously, is hanging around too. Just a little number rigging. “Using long-established guidelines, the accumulated death toll from COVID-19 would have been just 25,429 deaths on that same date, or less than 1 death per 10,000 Americans (see chart below).  The entire fraud, which violates U.S. law, is described in detail in the October 12, 2020 issue of Science, Public Health Policy & The Law, and has gone unreported by the nation’s news media.” BillSardi

Things No One Talks About

  • The Pope is “terrified” at what the fake pope is doing to the Church. This is similar to what [fill in as appropriate] has done with your Church unless you’re a fortunate minority. Express
  • COVID = work (if you can) at home = sitting all day = bad health. A problem before, made worse now. MOVE! Ladders
  • Who else, in US history, was widely derided as “insurrectionists?” Derided by those who did far worse, too. Dr. DiLorenzo knows. LRC
  • Impeachment 2.0!!!! (yawn) Hey, if you’re being impeached, even after you leave office, you can say a lot of things in your defense. But, you can’t mention certain topics – similar to those I can’t mention of Yewtoob… More circular stupidity, and, yes, a little late on the refutation side. FreePresser

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Cautionary Headlines Today

  • USSTRATCOM says nuclear war is possible! With China and Russia, of course. Biden. The peace candidate… RT
  • Never let your guard down. A police shooting video demonstrates, in violent fashion (be warned) that a crazy attacker can just keep coming and swinging. FOX5DC
  • Big Tech-Ville. A terrible idea from Nevada. Do. Not. Move. There. If. This. Happens. LVReviewJournal

THE LAST WORD…Smartphones

Lose them. Here’s a decent column on breaking away from the Little Brother in your pocket. If you must carry one around regularly, consider a blocking shield to protect your privacy. RV

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