PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 10, 2022 – The People’s Case

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 10, 2022 – The People’s Case


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It’s Thursday, February 10, 2022

Here’s what you need to know.

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Headline Stories in the News

Remember to VoOoOoAt republiCON.

  • On the terminal failure of conservatism. Taki
  • THIS is as comprehensive an ideology as “conservatism.”

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More Headlines Today

  • A warning to CAN: “The ruling elite are completely against the people and have secret agendas that are detrimental for the people. The elite know that they cannot tolerate any kind of protest or refusal to obey illegal mandates.” PCR
  • No questions:
  • How’d the sanctions work out??? RUS moves on while the West stagnates. RT
  • The best covi-mask is … panty hose… Just like an old 80’s bank robber. Cannot make this nonsense up. Jpost
  • Yep. “#VAIDS: People who have taken the ClotShot should take an HIV test. The mRNA in the ClotShot contains HIV sequences, and seems to be causing AIDS-like immune system collapse leading to cancer. … Reducing the human population by reducing the average human lifespan by making things like cancer, diabetes and colds and flus as lethal as they were 100 years ago via a fraudulent and coerced “vaccine”, which also causes permanent heart damage and incurable clotting disorders, is a plan so devious that it is clearly preternatural.” AnnB

F. R. C.

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  1. Win the war. 2) prosecute them. 3) hang them.

Step 2 in progress:

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