PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 11, 2021 – Weaponized Technology

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 11, 2021 – Weaponized Technology


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Is Evil Inherent in Big Tech?

It’s strange but true, your humble host is a luddite. Given the rapid advances against us lately, some might want to join the anti-tech movement. I’ve got a story to kick off the podcast and an article by Robert Wheeler at the Organic Prepper site. The IMF wants to spread China’s social credit system worldwide – and they are now doing so. They’ve been at it longer than one might imagine.

“For years, researchers have warned of a system in which the government controls every aspect of its citizens’ lives. Every citizen would have to rely entirely on the government to survive in this system. This system has been openly discussed for many years by the “ruling class.” Aka: those who have been allotted social credit (or not) and power based upon their views and opinions.”

Whatcha think???


Long-term Impact on the Family

  • Ann B. noticed something about old, 1950s-60s sitcoms that amounts to anti-family conditioning – even back then. Our enemies have been at work for a long time.
  • I found a 2015 PEW study of the effects on the family. As suspected, the nuclear family has been destroyed. Our enemies now offer up solutions designed to make things worse.
  • The dysgenic effects are felt with the “pandemic.” The WSJ writes about single moms, older moms, barren women, no marriages, no sex, cats, and decline. It’s like there’s a sterility element to the “pandemic.” 
  • Like the family, the Church has collapsed. Naturally, Catholic schools are seeing a decline in attendance – and that’s not all. ABC

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Malicious Tech Headlines

  • Poison in the water in FLA. A hacker boosted levels of caustic soda in the drinking water supply in Pinellas County. The 21st century well-poisoning. VICE
  • Dial-a-Militia – there’s an app for that. From Ammon Bundy. LATimes
  • Tech has made monetary and economic manipulation almost effortless. Maybe that’s why (suddenly?!?!) inflation is on the rise? MSN
  • BTW! The “pandemic” is falling: PBS:

Woe to the CONservatives

  • Those dastardly Dems have foisted another $2Trillion in debt on us – totally different that the debt from the GOP… OAN
  • Star Parker, darling of the retarded conservative con movement, looks beyond Trump to future disaster on the right side of the uniparty. Creators/Parker


Who will replace him? This guy??? Probably not. MSN

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