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Today’s Featured Topic is: News Before We Meet The Team (Again)

Decadal economic brilliance – that would have been better if followed… – from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. READ THIS article which includes a 2004 WSJ Op-Ed that was ignored. And/or, watch this recent presentation.

Greg Hunter

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BS Stories in the News

  • President Trump is having his second show trial in the USSA Senate, this time for the insurrection hoax. Odd, is it not, that he had offered 10,000 soldiers in opposition to the alleged hoax? Eh… ET
  • The corrupt and criminal state of Georgia has launched an investigation into possible voter fraud – I guess they’ll be banned from YOUTUBE – that does not mention Trump45. So, of course, the NYT refers to it as a Trump45 investigation. 
  • More BS from the NYT! Covi-Passes coming soon, everyone excited…. For travel, etc. The Hill has this one too, with input from flaming homosexual and (sigh) US Sec. of Transportation, Little Pete. 

Keep An Eye Out

  • I saw this one and I’m surprised more hay hasn’t been made of it. Shooting at MN medical clinic – no calls for gun control … yet. CBS4MN

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Do and Don’t

  • Here’s a brief look at Tom Brady’s routine, if you want a supercharged example of excellence. (Money, home gym, and supermodel wife not included). NYPost
  • Winner v Loser may be as simple as No Mask (cool and confident) v Masked (dorky). Eh??
  • Amerikans didn’t know much, way back in 2019. 2020 took them totally out of reality. Now, with the .0001% the Corona Hoax may fade away, they have no idea what to do with themselves. The usual suspects do… RT
  • If this report is true, then these people deserve what they’re getting: UPI:

Nearly three out of four people in the United States plan to continue wearing masks in public even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, according to a survey conducted by Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Four out of five said they also will continue to avoid crowds, and 90% of participants said they will maintain frequent handwashing and sanitizer use after the coronavirus has been contained.

Once again, on today’s show, we meet the cast and crew!


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