PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 18, 2021 – Black Ice

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 18, 2021 – Black Ice


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It’s Thursday, February 18, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Big Chill

I neglected to mention that it is winter and we’re having a winter storm, almost nation-wide. We’ll discuss that and a few of the 2021-ish twists.

Whatcha think???


Frozen News

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. Texas and other places are snowed in, with electricity and cell service cut off. RT
  • It’s so cold, they can’t refine oil!? Bloomberg
  • It’s so cold, they can’t deliver the gene-modification poison! Thanks, Old Man Winter! CBS11DFW


  • Bad to worse in DC: Drug dealers have immunity, but, if Joe has his way, gun makers will not. Cozy, eh? LRC
  • Bad to great! In Europe: “In The Netherlands, the Hague Court has ruled that the Covid curfew has no legal basis and “is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy and limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration.” PCR
  • Bad to Satanic, all over the USSA. You, the new debt prisoner. This isn’t new, it’s not Christian nor civilized. And no politi-rats are talking about it. Debt = Death. DNYUZAlexis de Tocqueville was to later note that this willingness to not see bankrupts as forever “disgrace[d] made Americans differ, not only from the nations of Europe, but from all the commercial nations of our time.” This movement reflected a powerful American ideal: It was wrong to permanently shackle a person’s productive potential.”

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Christians, Get Ready

  • Persecution can happen anywhere. And when it happens, it happens quickly. Since we are but sojourners here, we ought to be prepared for such times, even if they never happen to us in our lifetimes. They certainly may come to our children and grandchildren – and so how we worship matters.” LRC

Education and Culture

  • Old, White, and male, Uncle Sam has got to go! Makes sense, as his country is dead… Guess what they want to replace him with?! Politico
  • Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho! Billy Shake has got to go! Seriously, “they” want all of English literature abolished. Usual reasons. Homeschool, etc. WashTimes
  • Government schools = satanic child abuse. Read this story from SC, watch the video, listen to me, look at the picture below, and then, in God’s Name, HOMESCHOOL!

Hell in a (Plexiglass) Cell

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