PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 19, 2021 – Plans of a Madman

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 19, 2021 – Plans of a Madman


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Bill Gates is NOT Your Friend

When he’s not building glitchy code errors masquerading as computer programs or convincing 90% of the world to auto-genocide, Old Bill is hard at work trying to institute global communism via the worn and idiotic climate hoax. WSJ. “A day before the inauguration, as Lady Gaga rehearsed “The Star-Spangled Banner” in Washington, D.C., wildfires burned in Sonoma, Santa Cruz and Ventura counties in California, shocking climatologists who had never witnessed the state’s fire season extend into January. NASA had just announced that 2020 tied with 2016 for the warmest year on record. As the Covid-19 pandemic drove city dwellers to search for places that felt surer, safer—Vermont, Kansas, Idaho—the FBI began arresting Americans who had rioted in the U.S. Capitol. Online sales of “prepper” gear (gas masks, food preservation kits) were brisk. … Bill Gates was at his lakeside compound in Seattle, gearing up for his next effort to save the planet from mass extinction.”

He wants you, the survivors, to eat fake meat (or bugs and weeds). WashTimes

As-is, food inflation is upon us. Yahoo

Whatcha think???


The Cases!

  • They’re falling in India. AP
  • And in the USSA. Bloomberg. This makes pushing the hype and the plan a little harder.
  • After the fake threat is over, many of the masked righteous will deny they were ever scared or part of the cult. VP. That would be better than 70% refusing to de-diaper ever.

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Fighting Back or Falling Down

  • Some strange Martel-like spirit rises in France, where they’re in the process of cracking down on incompatible invaders. AP. This has the invaders worried. Helpful hint: go the hell home!
  • In the USSA, however, things keep sliding. RT: America’s future is in the hands of woefully inept cretins at a time when creativity and innovation are needed more than ever – Helen Buyniski. “So why are those most victimized by this system running into the arms of the same crew of unimaginative, solipsistic sociopaths who have repeatedly wrecked society in the first place? Whether it’s the ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks who asset-stripped the American middle class in 2008, overloading the country’s already fragile social safety net and driving a stake through the heart of the once-achievable American Dream, or the World Economic Forum, a breeding ground for selfish and self-interested corporate hacks who just want to fly their private jets in peace with the option to lecture the ground-bound hoi polloi on their carbon usage, those who’ve put themselves in charge are precisely the wrong ones for the job.” WHY? Because USians are wicked and stupid. 
  • The Undercover Doctor: “On the February 4 episode of National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air” program, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has led the NIAID since 1984, admitted to frequenting gay bars and bath houses in the 1980s, so he could gain a better scientific understanding of how HIV and AIDS spread among the homosexual population.NationalFile. Yeah…

THE LAST WORD…Storytime With Perrin!

Tune in to hear a charming fairytale for the prepper set!

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