PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 21, 2022 – One Hoax Ends, One Heats Up, and Caring About the Children!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 21, 2022 – One Hoax Ends, One Heats Up, and Caring About the Children!


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RusSiAn Hoaxline Stories in the News

  • The invasion is off! GT
  • Nope, nope – on again. WSJ
  • DM:
  • And the RUssians allegedly have a post-invasion plan to clean up the trash. ForPol
  • More lies about a false flag. If anything, it’s Ukraine about to invade Ukraine. CBS
  • Common sense observations by PCR.

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More Hoaxlines Today = the “Pandemic” is Over

  • Austria will end it all on March 15. Reuters
  • They begin to disappear from the case and death data. LRC
  • Data like this:
  • Ins. Cos: excess deaths soaring. Why???? NoQ
  • Because:
  • Brandon’s fake FDA is planning annual booster mayhem. ProjV (video)

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Legacy Food Storage
  1. Keep them away from Promethean pedo trash. VP
  2. Keep them out of the schools and away from pedo stalking LGBT+VPC evil. Reason
  3. Shoot and kill your daughter’s Tik Tok stalker nut. And, keep her off of social media in the first place. RT

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