PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 23, 2021 – Homeschool Or Else

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 23, 2021 – Homeschool Or Else


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It’s Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Critical Homeschooling

On today’s show we again get deep into this issue – links to stories below.

Whatcha think???


Schooling v Education

  • Math, like everything else, is racist. Insisting there are no right answers, Oregon goes full retard on ethnomathematics, which adds up to a failed, third-world nation. Frontpage
  • As the idiots move us over (to sheer stupidity), the Chinese are moving in. Buying PRIVATE schools in the UK and running commie camps at USSA colleges. VP
  • Skipping Kindergarten. Why not the whole thing? Some reluctantly embrace Homeschool. USATodayLast school year was hard enough. Denise Ladson Johnson’s son Moses struggled with the abrupt transition to distance learning in the spring, with having to say goodbye to his teacher and classmates and not knowing when he’d see them again. It didn’t help that Moses was only in prekindergarten at the time. 

The instability was a big reason Ladson Johnson, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina, decided to homeschool Moses this year rather than enrolling him in his district’s kindergarten program. There were too many “uncertainties,” Ladson Johnson said. How could Moses, who’s now 6, learn lessons and social skills remotely?”

  • REAL FEATURE!!! Public Schools HATE you and your kids! Leave them alone, or else… This is the one we’ll discuss in depth. ABC
  • That CA example is, of course, a failed system – in the bottom third of all CA districts. 

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Rapid Fire News

  • The police officer killed with the fire extinguisher? A hoax like everything else. GlennG
  • Hick crooner Luke Combs caves on CSA Battle Flag – a real Republican! CNN
  • FB adds “climate” to a long list of things you can’t talk about. Yahoo
  • Here we go again – Jay Powell calls for “sacrifice.” Can we start with him and his bank? ZHedge
  • Big Biz and Big Ag are ready to sacrifice you and your jobs – to more and more illegal invaders. Breitbart

THE LAST WORD…Free Speech!

Remember when the liberals were being vulgar and you objected? You were told to avert your eyes. In the face of a new, funny if vulgar flag, why can’t they take their own advice? Hartford Courant

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