PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 23, 2022 – Stopping Lies and Hoaxes

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 23, 2022 – Stopping Lies and Hoaxes


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It’s Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022

Here’s what you need to know.

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Headline Stories in the News

  • Whaddya know?? Exercise is better for mental and physical health than Big Dope’s dope. Walk! GT
  • Independent ATMs targeted in the war on cash. WSJ
  • 700K Russp-Ukrainians flee into Russia ahead of Ukraine’s offensive. TASS
  • Russia and (non-fake government parts of ) Ukraine want peace. DC does not. UNZ
  • Boris says it’s WW3. BBC

C-R-A-Z-Y. Crazy man.

  • RUS and FRA hammering a deal? RUS, FRA, and GER appear the only grown-ups in the room. RT

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Sad Headlines Today

  • “Today, 176 million Americans claim to be Christians—69% of the population. Yet, only 6% of U.S. adults—which is 9% of those identifying as Christians—possess a biblical worldview, believing the Bible to be accurate and reliable, among other convictions.” CBaldwin

Spot and Kill a Hoaxline

  • Read RFK, Jr’s book yet? 1 M have, in spite of the MSM blackout. His truths interfere with their lies. CHD
  • PCR on the WaPo, the CIA, and the never-ending lies. “The real question is one the presstitutes will never address.  Does all the focus on an imagined Russian invasion of Ukraine serve to direct attention away from the 150,000 Ukrainian troops on the Donbass border as Ukraine prepares to invade the Donetsk and Lugansk republics that broke away from Ukraine and are in the process of evacuating citizens to Russia in anticipation of a Ukrainian invasion? * The United States does not have a media.  It has a propaganda service for the military/security complex, the pharmaceutical industry, and the global elite.  It is impossible to wring one word of truth out of the US media.”
  • Clever lies about Ivermectin: JPost: “The open-label study examined 490 high-risk patients with COVID-19 at 20 public hospitals and a quarantine center in Malaysia. The patients were 50 years and older with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infections, comorbidities and mild-to-moderate disease. The patients were split into a control group that received standard of care without Ivermectin and a group that received standard of care plus Ivermectin.” Trans: if you’re already dying anyway, IVM probably won’t help. A farce.
  • Keeping the Q nonsense going. It’s all over. So why keep hammering away at “debunked internet lies,” scams, etc?? And, for all the hype, why can no MSM outlet cite directly to (hasn’t been updated since 12/8/20)? DNYUZ

…and now…

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Today’s Featured Topic is: All Major Stories are Mere Stories


Literally everything we’ve been told is a lie. Remember that for all the other hoaxes and the future versions.

Whatcha think???

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