PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 24, 2022 – Two New Nations!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 24, 2022 – Two New Nations!


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It’s Thursday, Feb 24, 2022

Here’s what you need to know.

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Hoaxline Stories in the News

  • The war criminals now pretend nothing major happened. We can’t let them escape justice. KD
  • It really is over now (minus the gallows part). The UK drops all nonsense. RT
  • I can’t confirm this, but allegedly the CDC has radically reduced 2-yo milestones (like a 50 word vocab down to 3!). CDC
  • Oh, and the CDC is hiding CoViD dAtA to “help” us. DYNUZ
  • Memes???
  • Not a meme … It’s “AIDS.” Fact-check denied means confirmed. Give it a few months.

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More Headlines Today

  • I like Tulsi G, but she’s not what Americans need. Ok, and she’s too good for the losers at CPAC. TheHill
  • Evil’s well-founded fear: “It’s not your imagination. The elite pedocrats of the New World Neoliberal Rules-Based World Order who have ruled the world since the end of World War II are genuinely fearful of the challenge posed to their satanic order by the Sino-Russian Alliance.” VP
  • More lies: RUS invasion imminent. A broken record. CNBC
  • “Extremely violent” lies… Hill
  • Watch this for our feature:

Looks like the back of the $2 bill, no?

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Putin has taken the moral high road and used the fake elite West’s rhetoric against it by recognizing the two new countries on his border. RT


The lies came hot and heavy. Like this one. DB

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