PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 26, 2022 – SATURDAY Update!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 26, 2022 – SATURDAY Update!


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It’s Saturday, February 26, 2022

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Recapping Stories in the News

  • The “sheep” at Harvard did not. (But still, let them lead you!) WSJ
  • Hoax, eh? CAN sends troops towards RuSsIA!!! RT
  • Maybe that will keep them from oppressing WHITE Canadians. A discriminatory emergency. Summit
  • USA, it’s the same thing with the ABA. AmRen
  • Rural. Less crime, more freedom, and the Dems “gave up” on it. Yay! Guardian
  • Yes, like the CIA, the CPC uses propaganda. Duh. BizIns
  • Still, with UkRaINe(!!!), the CPC pays adult. No dog in the fight: “The Russia-Ukraine crisis is a dual crisis, in which bilateral conflicts between Russia and Ukraine are intertwined with the strategic suppression that NATO’s eastward expansion has brought to Russia. All relevant parties have put forward their own security demands before. Although no consensus was reached, that doesn’t necessarily mean a complete breakup of negotiations. It hasn’t reached the point that the issue must be solved by war. Whether the situation will further escalate next mainly depends on the scale of the US sanctions imposed on Russia and whether Russia will be provoked to take more aggressive measures.” GT

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Muh Big Ole Hypocrisy For A Fine Saturday

  • Remember when Brandon was continent (ADJ)?
  • What is the difference? So asks Vladimir Golstein at Consortium

“In 2014, after the U.S.-backed violent coup that overthrew Ukraine’s democratically-elected president, the coup regime outlawed the Russian language and neo-Nazi gangs began attacking Russian speakers, including burning dozens of people alive in a building in Odessa. Twelve days after that incident, the largely ethnic-Russian oblasts of Lugansk and Donetsk declared independence from Ukraine. 

Like in Kosovo, both provinces held referendums that returned overwhelming majorities for independence. Kiev responded by launching a war against these Russian speakers who the regime called “terrorists.”

Well. Where was the United States, Germany and other progressive European countries, when Donbass declared their independence? Nowhere, of course, as these republics were immediately dismissed as separatists and Russia-backed guerrillas, in addition to terrorists. Where were the Yale professors wringing their wrists about moral responsibility toward the Donbass people? Where are the endless articles about Ukrainian atrocities, bombing of schools and hospitals, displacing millions of people? That’s right! Nowhere! Why?”

Magic? Exceptionalism? No, it’s hypocrisy from hypocritical lying murderers and thieves.

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