PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 3, 2021 – Foreign and Domestic

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb 3, 2021 – Foreign and Domestic


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It’s Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: All Enemies

Imagine if your country held a presidential election back in November of 2020 and the results were tainted by massive fraud. (I know, it’s impossible to think something like that could happen). Then, just when the illegitimate government took office, they were arrested by the military for violating the constitution. Again, who could believe this, right? 

But that is exactly what happened, just now, in Burma. (There’s even a World Economic Forum connection). Thank God they have an army willing to defend their nation. And thank God we, in the land of the fee and the home of the slave, just don’t have these problems. VP

In addition to arrests: “Military leaders, who claim the vote was fraudulent, have now declared a year-long state of emergency, transferred all power to Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, appointed Vice President Myint Swe – a former general – as acting president, and closed all banks until further notice.”

Whatcha think???


Authoritarian Political Stories in the News

  • HR 127! That’s the Bill we’ve all been afraid of – gun control in the USSA. Not to worry – it’s only registration – before massive confiscation. And! We have those conservative GOPers fighting for us… Okay, better go hide the guns. ArmstrongEcon Here’s the BILL.

Sabika …. Sheikha … 

  • Things like HR127 have technically killed Civic Nationalism, though way too many people (BOOMERS!) on the Right still don’t get it. The Z-Man helps. Taki
  • Edward Dutton on the American Winter. He’s right and he offers some hope and history. “Specifically, in the short term, the events at the U.S. Capitol betoken the end of functioning democracy in America. Trust levels (and intelligence) have now fallen too low for it to work anymore, and they will continue to fall. Chaos and perhaps some form of authoritarian rule lies ahead.VDARE
  • It’s not authoritarian yet, no. We just have a small group of foreigners in complete control of the government, the media, and more. Another example from the Creepy Joe WH and … wait for it … AIPAC! Mondoweiss
  • It’s not that bad, really. We’re also not ruled by satanic corporations. They just want to help, with the handy, if deadly COVI-pass… Summit

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Medical Headlines Today

  • As a reminder, experimental drugs cannot be mandated for the general population. Just a reminder. ChHealthDefense
  • SCIENCE! What is a “crazy conspiracy theory” today, will be reliable, journalled science tomorrow. As preppers were saying this time last year, HCQ and Zinc really work. !Science! Admits as much. VP


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