PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb. 9, 2022 – Fakery on a Hoax on a Fraud

PREPPER POST NEWS – Feb. 9, 2022 – Fakery on a Hoax on a Fraud


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  • It’s not just Perrin! Other writers wisely shun the post-modern (or modern) age. WIlbur Smith (“The Dark of the Sun”): “I always think I am from the 17th century”, said Smith. “I have no interest in technology, or to rush, rush, rush through life. I like to take time to smell the roses and the buffalo dung.”
  • The abortion pill and more. Amerika is evil. EOAD
  • El Salvador President Nayib Bukele tweeted out on Monday wondering if there’s a deliberate plan to destroy the United States from within. “Is there a deliberate plan to destroy the United States from within? Why are the authorities and some of the media not even commenting on this things? Why are they letting their beautiful cities rot?” President Bukele tweeted. Yes
  • The rpt manifests itself as immigration and debt. Brandon loves the dsycivilizational aspects of the fake debts. DP
  • There’s no “free” speech. Rogan apologizes for the “N’ word, which I think is “nigger.” No fortitude either… Page6

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  • Fake media spins USSA lies, projecting onto the CPC. SUN
  • We have no media here. PCR
  • When the MSM isn’t apologizing for words, it’s the stupidity of GA’s cell phone laws. AJC
  • Or, the neverending RUS hoax. 2 days??? Chron
  • And Epstein was murdered. RT

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Darwin was an Anti-Christian Psyop

Not only is the Darwinian – and the Neo-Darwinian – theory of evolution by natural selection completely impossible due to the number of genetic transformations required in limited amounts of time, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that Charles Darwin was nothing more than a fraud, a plagiarist, and the front man for a previously published theory that was popularized in order to cast doubt on Christianity and the Christian worldview:

Legacy Food Storage

Dr Mike Sutton, whose book Science Fraud: Darwin’s Plagiarism Of Patrick Matthew’s Theory is published by Curtis next Saturday, said: ‘This is the biggest science fraud in history.’

He highlights similarities between key phrases and explanations and cites letters apparently showing Darwin knew Matthew’s work and covered up his debt to his rival.

In one, Darwin’s wife admitted to Matthew that evolution was his ‘original child’, but her husband had nurtured it ‘like his own’.


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