PREPPER POST NEWS – February 2, 2021 – No Changes

PREPPER POST NEWS – February 2, 2021 – No Changes


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It’s Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: No Changes Whatsoever

Real Americans have been treated to lies about their nation for over fifty years. 1965. 1986. Today. Creepy Joe is hoping to get 11 million new Democrat voters legalized ASAP. WSJ

Those are the ones already illegally lurking here. Just across the border, more and more and more are piling up, awaiting their chance for wrecking what’s left of the USSA. Joey B. advises them to “be patient.” Reuters

Whatcha think???


Alarming Stories in the News

  • Trump did and did not do much to stop the murder of children in the dying empire. Yet, illegitimate sack of shit “president” Biden, installed via a coup, is already doing what he can to boost the killings. This pleases his master in hell. Politico
  • Satan and his globohomo harpies are most displeased with Poland, where they simply refuse to murder babies, believing in the dignity of innocent life and all that. AP
  • Ann B has a great, if alarming column on why God blesses Poland and curses the USSA. “Another huge tell that the whole Q cult thing was and is a total sham is the notion that the former USA was somehow worthy of being “saved”.  I know it is hard for many people, especially people over a certain age to hear this, but it is essential that you see and acknowledge the truth of the situation, and not live in the wretched state of “blissful ignorance”.  If you are an adult, you really do need to understand at least the rough outline of what exactly is going on.

In the Old Testament, whenever God bailed out Israel, it was because Israel REPENTED and TURNED BACK TO GOD.  Never, not one time, did God relieve the suffering of an UNREPENTANT Israel.

Keeping this axiomatic and rational truth in mind, may I direct your attention to the Billboard Hot 100 pop music chart.” 

  • In cursed Amerika, true Americans are the problem. DHS (and the media, the DNC, RNC, Big BIZ, etc) label us as terrorists (worse than ISIS). NDTV
  • White Americans are especially problematic. That’s why the satanic school complex is targeting us – again. HOMESCHOOL! AmThinker

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Hoaxy Headlines Today

  • SUPER-COVID is here! With symptoms that look a lot like the old COVID-19… In fact, anything and everything could be considered a symptom. So, you know … get the jab? SUN
  • Wait, no. The SUPERbug is “learning” to beat the “vaccine.” I suppose they’ll work on something else during the quest to make this nonsense go on forever. Yahoo
  • The economy is fake too, except for the pain and destruction it generates. That’s why, excuse me, the “pandemic” is why the Fed will intervene, forever. Or, until the total collapse, war, and/or dark age. YahooFin
  • For now, don’t live. If that’s too much, then don’t travel. If you do, BIG GOV commands you wear a religious veil on your face. Or else. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a sweeping order late Friday that mandates the use of masks on airplanes and other public transportation as the U.S. seeks to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The order, which goes into effect Monday night just before midnight, mandates the use of face coverings at places such as bus terminals, airports, train stations and subway stops as well as in taxis and while using ride-hailing services.TheHill


Seriously. Happy note time: a few more Americans ditch the devil’s “schools” in favor of real learning. WSJ

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