PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 11, 2021 – Impeachment Monday!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 11, 2021 – Impeachment Monday!


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It’s Monday, January 11, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Impeachment!

Did RUSSIA do it???? This is almost funny. The Dems prepare another set of Articles against Trump, set to drop today. NYPost And, they’re talking about the 25th Amendment, resignation, and so much more…

Whatcha think???


Protest Stories in the News

  • A link to the moment when Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed White Woman, was shot and killed by the police. It’s distressing – viewer caution is advised. ZeroHedge
  • Who was she? KUSI San Diego
  • Blame the victim? The MSM’s treatment of Mrs. Babbitt is notably different from other recent cases. NYT
  • Richard Barnett of Arkansas was arrested by the FBI. He had recently paid an innocent visit to Nancy Pelosi’s office but found she was not there. He’s a good boy who didn’t do anything! NBCnews
  • “President-elect” Joe Biden says American Patriots are thugs, Nazis, and terrorists. Do these people look like terrorists?


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More Shocking Headlines Today

  • Nancy tried to reign in Trump’s nuclear abilities with a call to the Pentagon. NYPost
  • Everyone is being banned everywhere! Trump has been kicked off of Twitter forever – among 10 million other examples. Some “interpretations…” “The use of the words “American Patriots” to describe some of his supporters is also being interpreted as support for those committing violent acts at the US Capitol.” Twitter
  • Strike Three! Youtube speeds things up – to help us! PopCulture
  • We’ve covered YT’s policies, though I just found out that they outsource some discretion, very cleverly, to FedGov’s rumor control service – yes, there is one of those. CSIS

Skipping the Line?

  • Frontline healthcare workers are not so sure about the vaccine. Good news for those behind them in the line? AP

Bond Mania!!!

  • The government’s of the world are scrambling to refinance $13 Trillion in debt. Yawn. ZeroHedge


I think this is one I’m familiar with. At any rate, it’s a great idea. A podcast, walking through the Bible in a year. Much needed! “Fr. Mike Schmitz, a Catholic priest, hosts a new podcast called  “The Bible in a Year”.” FOX5NY

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