PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 12, 2021 – What Goes Around

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 12, 2021 – What Goes Around


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Today’s Featured Topic is: A Color Revolution?

Yes, what’s happening in the US right now looks A LOT like what the CIA has been doing to other countries for years. Paul Craig Roberts on the deep state revolution. 


A crowd of protesters stormed Congress protesting a presidential election they claimed had been fraudulent. When this happened in Serbia in 2000, the US called it democracy. When it happened in Washington, DC – not so much.

Scenes from the US Capitol on Wednesday, as protesters backing President Donald Trump disrupted the joint session of Congress meeting to certify the election of Democrat Joe Biden, looked very much like Belgrade in October 2000.” – Nebojsa Malic at RT.

Whatcha think???


Headline Stories in the News

Stop Falling For It

  • BOOMERCON! “As philosopher Sidney Hook cogently said, there can be no right to a revolution in a democracy. That is because the faith of everyone who believes in democracy rests on the assumption that “all morally legitimate demands can sooner or later be realized through democratic processes without recourse to revolutionary violence.” Bill Donohue, Newsmax
  • AWS v Parler. (yawn) Buzzfeed
  • No media for Trump? Politico
  • Glenn Greenwald on the new War on Terror. Guess who the target is? RT
  • Gun sales soar for some reason. KCAL2

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

More Headlines Today

What Are They Saying?

  • Literally Hitler? This is beyond old. And, idiots, be careful what you fantasize about. StamfordAdvocate


  • Half of Americans want to live in the country. 82% are in the cities now. GET OUT! WashTimes
  • Stop watching propaganda. Ignorance is better than misinformation. James Corbett at LRC

THE LAST WORD…Autodidactic

Unschooled does not necessarily mean unlearned. Crisis

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