PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 13, 2021 – PARLER-tu Idiot??

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 13, 2021 – PARLER-tu Idiot??


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It’s Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Parler Was Always A Trap

Controlled opposition from the fake right. What other SM asks you to scan your driver’s license? And then “leaks” all of your info to the deep state? VP

Be extremely careful with socialized media!

Whatcha think???


CENSORSHIP Stories in the News

  • Talk radio is locking down. “Cumulus and its program syndication arm, Westwood One, “will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved and there are no alternate acceptable ‘paths.‘” Telegraph
  • How far is too far? Even the liberal ACLU is worried about the censors! InfoWars
  • The purpose? “This is why they begged for freedom of speech in the first place. To put themselves in a position where they could deny it to everyone else. They demanded the toleration of evil so that they could eventually refuse to tolerate good.” – VoxDay More from Alex Macris


  • There’s a plausible legal defense going around to the baseless charges that peaceful protesters caused a riot: “Trump said I could.” Is this a double standard, or did the Dems say essentially the same thing. Watch and decide: a compilation:

Thugs, Joe?

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

More Exciting! Headlines Today

  • Intelligence in Congress? The foreign interference report was delivered to the roaches just after they certified the election. WashExaminer
  • More on PATRIOT ACT 2.0! “Patriot” has nothing to do with it. OffG
  • Is civil war in America’s future? YES! Where are the lines? Identities, like it or not. PCR

Scan for Health!

  • In China, if you rideshare a car, you MUST present your QR “vaccine” code. Nice, huh? RT
  • Scan yourself after you take the “vaccine.” Look for spleen and blood platelet problems. Or, maybe bleed out and die like this FLA doctor. Miami12


Let’s not forget the booming DOW and the “Meltup.” “Emboldened by Federal Reserve stimulus, vaccines and the psychological conditioning that arises when no bad patch lasts, everyone from retail newbies to institutional managers is rushing to cash in on the 10-month-old meltup.” Reality will come calling… YaFin

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