PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 15, 2021 – That Secret Extremism…

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 15, 2021 – That Secret Extremism…


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Today’s Featured Topic is: My, How They Project

The thugs who destroyed the coherent American Nation and who have subverted the US government, now turn their projection on the People. Why? Because even as they seemingly succeeded in the stunning theft and treason, they were frightened by a group of peaceful protesters. You know the story. Know too that they have substantial plans for retaliation. And, yes, Mitch and most of the GOP establishment are in their ranks and against us. See the Seattle Times for more. If Donald Trump gave us a gift, it was to reveal exactly how extensive the rot is.

Whatcha think???


A Terrified Government

  • The monsters who overthrew the US government, are briefed on 3 plots to do the same thing – a bit late, huh? HuffPo
  • As troops circle to protect the criminals, suggestion is made that patriots are collaborating in secret on something called Telegram. Can they ban that too? NBC
  • Eight Generals, masked up like bank robbers, remind the soldiers something about the Constitution and the laws – that have been overthrown. What was it about “all enemies?” Politico
  • Just as they relentlessly pursued charges against the leftist rioters last summer … HA! … the DOJ is pushing sedition and more against the peaceful protesters from the Capital. Breitbart
  • Waving wands? The 2A is under attack, even in Congress against Members of Congress. They are immune to law enforcement while on duty, yet they still overthrow themselves? I don’t get it. Not that it really matters. DailyMail

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Striking Back!

  • An Idaho IP service banned – this is hilarious – Farcebook and Twits from the local internet as retaliation for you know what. RT/Twitter (not in ID).

Power Trips

  • Visit the US? Submit to the test. Party starts the end of this month? WSJ
  • Money men looking out for humanity?! Maybe. Read this from YahooFin. Three Wall Street insiders share concerns about the future. Unemployment, Loss of Humanity, and Systemic risks outside of banks.
  • A resource for monitoring those (electric) risks. PowerOutage


Daisy Luther gives great advice on staying positive and sane during this time or extreme uncertainty. “First things first, you’ve got to get ahold of your chronic feelings of doom. You need to get your mind in check before you can take effective actions. This advice may seem trite, but if you do nothing but follow the doom, you’ll drive yourself crazy.” OrganicPrepper

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