PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 18, 2021 – What Would Dr. King Say??

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 18, 2021 – What Would Dr. King Say??


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It’s Monday, January 18, 2021

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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, USA

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Dr. King’s Perspective

The good, the bad, we know no one is perfect. Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t. Neither am I. Still, I truly believe the man spoke for all of us and a peaceful existence. Now, 53 years after his assassination, what on earth would he think of ur national mess? Probably, like most Americans from another era, he would not recognize this place. 

Whatcha think???


Healthline Stories in the News

  • Imagine a mask, stamping on a human face – forever. In the UK… SUN
  • Big Satan is still tinkering with the mark of the COVID passport… TheHill
  • Will you be able to work, without the Mark? What does the Bible say? Here’s what a UK plumbing company says. Reuters
  • Banks too? No shot, no access to the lobby? My bank has been sealed off for months and their closing branches. With .000000001% interest, why even have an account? Breitbart
  • Ivermectin is now okay with the UK NIH and some yahoo from the WHO – so I guess YT is okay too? AnnB
  • What, if anyone cares, will YT say about this Stanford Medical study that finds lockdowns and masks and other aggressive BS measures do nothing to stop the hoax? ASSESSING MANDATORY STAY-AT-HOME AND BUSINESS CLOSURE EFFECTS ON THE SPREAD OF COVID-19

“While small benefits cannot be excluded, we do not find significant benefits on case growth of more restrictive NPIs. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less restrictive interventions.”

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

More Headlines Today


I’m not allowed to talk about this – the Greatest Hoax in History – but it’s worth the read. 360 pages, comprehensive.

Banning the Banners

  • Uganda has banned Twitter, nationwide, after the socialist media interfered in an election. Of course, Dorsey targeted the Christian President. Go, Uganda! BLP

Neo-Globalist-Satanists Target Poland, Et Al

  • Look out central and eastern Europe. Big Biden, Big Tech, and Big Beelzebub want to turn peaceful civilized Christian nations into the US. FIGHT! BLP

The Most Exciting Week!

  • They have Scalia’s Pillow Man. We have ours. He was at the WH with some interesting notes. Mike Lindell pushing Martial Law? Mediaite
  • The troops are authorized to use deadly force. They’re already checking IDs – of those trying to leave the central DC swamp. We have them surrounded? USNews
  • Oddly, other governments are collapsing too – not that you’re hearing about it? Shake Ups in Russia, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Kuwait, and the Netherlands – a sign of an International STORM? VP
  • The Federal Bureau of Interference has advised police in all states to prepare for unrest – so they must be planning something. They say get ready. We probably should. Thanks, FBI? PS: Please don’t bomb Nashville again. TheHill

THE LAST WORD…Churchianity

I stumbled across this article at “Christianity” Today. Then, I looked at other issues they cover. I suspect these people serve a different God – ours made the nations, defends the nations, and assures the nations will exist in Heaven. Christian Nationalism Is Worse Than You Think: Millions of Americans believe in this political ideology. What church leaders need to know—and how they can help those under its influence. Here follow lies and misinformation and idiocy.

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