PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 19, 2021 – “Something Different”

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 19, 2021 – “Something Different”


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It’s Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Unrestricted Warfare in the USA

Biden Family Mafia Matters! “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urges Americans to read the report titled Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S.Government Policy and Related Concerns by the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.” … “This isn’t the Cold War. This is something different. The China threat is already within our borders. – Secretary of State Pompeo

On other hand, all those immigrants have surely been good for the economy, right, free traders and free movement of peoplers?” – VP

Whatcha think???


Unrestricted Stories in the News

  • King Biden plans total war against the American People, using third-world shock troops – 11 million of them. Migration is invasion, the “law” notwithstanding. Yahoo
  • Here they come! Some new invaders aren’t even waiting on the coronation, they’re already moving! It is like Camp of the Saints. PCR/RT

Fighting age and all.

  • Migration = war = attacking the King. Throwing rocks at King Phillipe of Belgium. DIVersity! Yay? DailyMail

This is What DEMOCRACY Looks Like

  • I bet the normal pushers of the big D aren’t so thrilled about this story from the CH: Swiss to vote themselves out of lockdown. WSJ

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

“Legal” Headlines Today

  • Can Trump pardon himself? YES. Reuters
  • He could also pardon Jade Sacker, CNN, their Antifa allies, and BLM for their attack on the US Capitol. He shouldn’t though. (Only the Patriots…) Twits!
  • NRA Bankruptcy. And a move to Texas. There are better 2A organizations anyway. CNBC
  • Guns have been flying off the shelves. And so have body armor, helmets, and gas masks. Stock up on what you can, when you can. Yahoo
  • The Decade of Death sees an end of the Life March. Right to Life March 2021 is canceled, redirected online. Baby murder continues in person. LifeNews


In the cities. Roosh makes some great points on the gathering of sins in the urban areas, no direct demonic influence needed. RooshV

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