PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 20, 2021 – Inauguration Day

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 20, 2021 – Inauguration Day


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It’s Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Historic Inauguration of Joe Biden

It’s the biggest day in history, ever, the anointing of an aged careerist swamp rat as place-holder for the dead country’s first, female, alien President. The victory is so complete that the entire deep state apparatus has spent two months brutally silencing any discussion of it. It’s such a big deal that the incoming administration has canceled all the parties and rallies and it’s even holding any practice ceremonies. It’s almost like the whole thing is a hoax and they know it.

Now consider that DC is under a state of emergency because of the inauguration. DC is surrounded and occupied by 25,000 to 35,000 armed soldiers. All of the troops are there on the orders of Donald Trump who is still their Commander in Chief. Can you think of another, non-media-approved way that this day might unfold? We’re about to find out. 

Whatcha think???

PS: Perrin will return, national communications systems permitting, this evening with a short discussion of what exactly happens and what it means.


Invasion and Insurrection Stories in the News

  • Word has it that one of President-select Harris’s first steps will be to legalize 11 million more fake Amerikans similar to herself. I mean Biden. Biden. Not to worry, we have the GOP batting for us… Zerohedge
  • Incompatible foreigners will be welcomed by the new administration, if that is allowed to manifest – we’re about to find out. But, Heritage Americans are obviously targeted for oppression and, what? Removal? PCR
  • The satanists who want you dead engage in massive projection: their assault becomes yours. You are the terrorists. Yahoo
  • Seriously, preppers, you are their worst nightmare. NBCnews
  • Antifa is an ideology. You, alone and all, are an army of one. Really, they are terrified of us. WSJ
  • Foreign interference? There is no evidence whatsoever that any nation tried to rig our election… Oh, wait, the FBI thinks you patriots had help from Russia… NBC “news”

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

More Crazy Headlines Today

  • Borrow an envelope? No BAIL! Politico
  • Low-brow, lazy communist false flag attempts… VP


Book Report!

  • Sorry, but it’s reading time again. Here’s a tome by Julian Assange, about his interaction with Gulag … er, Google. Wikileaks
  • Order When Google Met Wikileaks HERE


What is it about people who make a living pretending to be someone or something else? Why have they been universally distrusted? Could it be because of things like what was alleged to have happened in Belgrade? TekDeeps “The famous acting teacher was arrested: students reported Miko Aleksić for RAPE. As Blic has learned, Miroslav Mika Aleksić, the famous owner of the acting school, was taken to the police station, because several girls reported him for rape or sexual harassment. Well-known actress Milena Radulović, in a confession she gave for tomorrow’s print edition of “Blic”, said that Aleksić raped her when she was a minor and that it happened several times.”

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