PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 25, 2021 – To Impeach a President

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 25, 2021 – To Impeach a President


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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Impeachment of President … Biden

The Senate has scheduled the trial of former President Trump (FORMER President Trump) for February. There is a very real chance he will be convicted and barred from ever again holding office; the GOP is evidently lining up with their Uniparty compatriots in predictable fashion. But, wait, there’s more!

On Thursday, newly elected Georgia Representative Majorie Greene announced that she will drop Articles of Impeachment against President Biden. I have yet to see the Articles, but we do have a rough idea of the allegations, via Mrs. Greene’s House website:

“President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the Presidency. His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s Vice President is lengthy and disturbing. President Biden has demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to bail out his son, Hunter, and line his family’s pockets with cash from corrupt foreign energy companies.

President Biden is even on tape admitting to a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government threatening to withhold $1,000,000,000 in foreign aid if they did not do his bidding. President Biden residing in the White House is a threat to national security and he must be immediately impeached.”

The case against President Joe Biden is vast and detailed:

Joe Biden abused the power of the Office of the Vice President, enabling bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors, by allowing his son to influence the domestic policy of a foreign nation and accept various benefits—including financial compensation—from foreign nationals in exchange for certain favors.

The evidence of widespread knowledge, corruption, and collusion on behalf of the Biden family with foreign nationals is clear and compelling.

As Vice President, Joe Biden was the senior Obama Administration official overseeing anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine. Hence, any illegal activity involving corruption conducted by Hunter Biden within or in relation to Ukraine would fall under the purview of the Office of Vice President Biden and the Obama State Department’s anti-corruption efforts. In fact, many State Department officials within the Obama Administration repeatedly registered reservations about Hunter Biden’s role on the board of a corrupt company. Thus, any instances of corruption on behalf of Hunter Biden via his role as a board member of the Ukrainian-operated Burisma energy firm were intentionally not investigated or covered up. 

In 2016, Ukraine’s top anti-corruption prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, had an active and ongoing investigation into Burisma and its owner, Mykola Zlochevsky. At the time, Hunter Biden continued to serve on Burisma’s board of directors. According to news reports, then Vice-President Biden “threatened to withhold $1 billion in United States loan guarantees if Ukraine’s leaders did not dismiss [Shokin].” After that, Ukraine’s Parliament fired Shokin.

Legacy Food Storage

During his father’s vice presidency, Hunter Biden built many business relationships with foreign nationals and received millions of dollars from foreign sources, seemingly in exchange for access to his father. The financial transactions which Hunter engaged in illustrates serious counterintelligence and extortion concerns relating to Hunter Biden and his family.

President Biden gravely endangered the security of the United States and its institutions of government. Through blatant nepotism, he enabled his son to influence foreign policy and financially benefit as a result of his role as Vice President. He supported his son engaging in collusion with Chinese Communist party-linked officials. He allowed his son to trade appointments with his father and other high-ranking administration officials in exchange for financial compensation. He permitted his son to take money from Russian oligarchs, including Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow.”

Unlike the Trumped charges against 45, look for this action against 46 to go nowhere fast. Whatcha think about these serious allegations and the historic implication of impeachment proceedings against two Presidents at the same time?


“Domestic Terrorism” in the News

  • The MSM – outside of a brief FOX story – will not cover it, but Antifa was up to their old tricks last week – acting out violently against … President Biden. They attacked the ICE federal building in Portland. Is this an attack on our fabled “Democracy?” FOX
  • Brand new President, Joseph R. Biden had a warning for his new cabinet, which does appear more Likudnik than Democrat: “I’m not joking when I say this: If you ever work with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect, talk down to someone, I will fire you on the spot. No ifs, ands or buts.” This from the guy who disrespected half the population last week. Yahoo
  • The real “domestic terror” will be unleashed on the real Americans. PCR has some telling resources about this great war of projection. PCR
  • Masks and more! Old Biden, bane of Corn Pop, wasted no time in issuing numerous Executive Orders – to help us! You can keep track of your marching orders at the WH’s site for Presidential Actions.

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

More Dystopian Headlines Today

  • Meet the new degenerates – you and yours! The LGBTQ+VP&C(!) crowd now enjoys special protections for their continued subversive sodomy. It’s in one of those Orders. However, people who don’t want babies murdered are now considered “domestic terrorists” who associate with “white supremacy.” Do you see where this is going? VICE BTW, the US should hit 60,000 child murders today – for the month of January 2021…
  • Silencing all dissent! The thought police are at it again! Wait, no, this is just Tony Fauci whining: “‘You didn’t feel like you could say something and there wouldn’t be repercussions,’ he said [of Trump].” Yeah, we know what that’s like. Now, shut up, maaaan. DailyMail
  • Here’s some of that “science” the thought police don’t want repeated: In this Dark Winter of COVID despair, overall death rates are about the same as normal. “Although the numbers of deaths attributed to the virus in the UK are higher than they’ve ever been, in total, not many more people are dying than in any other cold season. Is the mainstream media finally waking up to this?” NO. RT
  • My theory about Biden and the Pandemic is shared by others, like this nurse with Children’s Health Defense. She notes that the new guidelines from the “Holy” WHO will necessarily result in lowered casecounts, thus paving the way for the passing of the pandemic. Then, it will be on to other, more pressing hoaxes, like white supremacist anti-baby murder terrorists. AnnB


In First Thessalonians, Paul instructs us to give thanks in all things, even things that are or seem to be bad. Roosh has five observations why the Biden Presidency is a blessing for those on the other side. Take an optimistic look at them and then roll up your sleeves – it’s now up to us. It always was. RooshV

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