PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 27, 2021 – On Winning (and Learning)

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 27, 2021 – On Winning (and Learning)


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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Tom Brady School for Victory

TB12 is headed for his TENTH!!! Super Bowl. Let that sink in. He already has a record six rings and is now shopping for number seven. There are reasons why he is able to keep winning long after the age when most ordinary NFL players retire. If you look a little deeper, you find a man who simply lives his profession, never stops trying, never stops working, and never takes no for an answer. This just might be something to model one’s dedication after. See the Stamford Advocate for more.

Whatcha think???


Win or Lose ??? in the News

  • Salary-wise, Tony Fauci is the biggest winner in the tax-funded federal employee class, “earning” $417,608 a year. From 2010 until 2019, he “earned” $3.6 million of your dollars. Good if you can get it, eh? Forbes
  • He’s “earning” every penny, right? The COVID keeps mutating, necessitating a NEVER-ending charade. He’s on the job, I trust. WSJ
  • Others, most, are not so lucky. Here are five contrived ways that “inequality” keeps growing in an unequal world. In fact, this COVID thing is the inequality virus! We need green, fair, equitable something or another… EconTimesofIndia
  • Canada senses a little inequality, as PRESIDENT BIDEN!!! Urges agencies of the FedGov to “buy American.” An upset to the $725 Billion trade balance? Does China approve?? YahooFin
  • REPO Inequality!!! Someone has noticed that the BIG NEWS of 2020 might have just been a cover-up of a failing economy. Someone, like yours truly, noticed it in real-time. Still, here’s the backup take: Off-Guardian

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Do As They Say, Today

  • Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are about as Catholic as “Pope Francis.” It’s nice to have a presumably legitimate Church leader call San Fran Gran Nan out on her utter hypocrisy: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: “She speaks as a high-level important government leader, and as a private citizen,” he said. “And on the question of the equal dignity of human life in the womb, she also speaks in direct contradiction to a fundamental human right that Catholic teaching has consistently championed for 2,000 years.CNS 
  • Mail-in Ballots are fraud!!! If they concern Amazon, that is. Bezos wants only in-person voting for his company’s union matters. I hear there’s this computer program that … nevermind. ZeroHedge

Voter le Pen!

  • Great news in France! Marine le Pen is back (she never left) and she leads Globo Macron in a very early poll. “EMMANUEL MACRON could see his seat stolen by Marine Le Pen as soon as in the first round of the 2022 French Presidential election, a new poll has found.” – from the People who “stole” France, or tried to. This is the chance, mon amis! Express


Who already lives off of the traditional grid? The homeless. And, as with superstar Tom Brady, there is much we can learn from these good if downtrodden people. We should help them, and realize that they can help us. Fabian Ommar gives us a great starter at OrganicPrepper: “Living in the streets leads to physical, psychological, and moral degenerance. Without the protection and conveniences afforded by a fixed roof and ideal conditions, we enter a world where very little is certain. Nutrition, hygiene, and personal safety suffer, affecting mental and emotional stability in various degrees.” He (and they) cover all the big “prepper” topics, from food and water to shelter to safety. A must-read for those of us in these times.

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