PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 28, 2021 – The Warnings Are Clear

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 28, 2021 – The Warnings Are Clear


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Lucifer is Still at War with Christ and Christianity

This is the case whether Christians are awake and aware or not. Bill Sardi wrote a stern warning to Churches of all stripes about what they have allowed recently and what it’s helping foster. LRC:

Few church leaders foresee there is no return to normal.  The church is a target for extermination.  The virologists already attempted to cancel Christmas.  In the Xmas play the three wisemen would be super-spreaders.  The cancel culture will predictably encourage believers to  “ghost” Easter.

Most church leaders are unaware of the agenda proposed by the World Economic Forum (WEC), that has religious institutions in its crosshairs.  According to the WEC, religion is outdated.  For example, the WEC says the church is slow to adapt to homosexuality.  (The Bible addressed this over three centuries ago.)

Christians are not to condone sin and to love righteousness, to urge repentance (a 180º turn from all selfishness and evil).  What is the godless WEC doing, giving instruction to the church?

The WEC: Open Forum: Is Religion Outdated in the 21st Century?:

When these satanists say “Religion,” they mean Christianity.

While religions are the oldest institutions in the world, they are the slowest to respond to modern issues such as drugs, homosexuality and changing family relationships. As we move into the second decade of the 21st century, it is important to re-examine the place religion holds in the world today.

Dimensions to be addressed:

1. Are we becoming a multi-faith society or one where many have no faith at all?

2. How are religious institutions helping instil tolerance and values in society?

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3. How can we reconcile the trends in society’s evolution with religious beliefs?

4. How can we foster freedom of speech and at the same time religious freedom?

Whatcha think???


WAR Stories in the News

  • The (partial) December 2020 report on Christian persecution in the world. None of the US-based attacks – and there were some – made the list. This is a site slanted towards Islamic persecution of Christians, but it is still true. In the West, Muslims are not the primary foe of Christ – sadly, that foe might be Christians. GateStone.

Anthony Esolen Essays

  • “I have written before of the three-poisoned god of our world: Self, Sex, and State. These poisons dance about in a nice perichoresis of mutual corroboration. It is hard to tell which of the three is father or son or spirit proceeding from them both. If you look to sheer gigantic size, you might think that the first begetter was the State. If you look at the rotten hole of evil where a good heart should be, you might think it was the Self. If you look at actual begetting and a wrong approach to created order, you might think it was Sex.” Esolen, Catholic Thing, 9.2020.
  • All of the grave sexual sins attack the family at the root, and you can no more have a good and prosperous nation with families shot to hell than you can have a solid house with a foundation crumbling into mud. That is not my insight. It is what all the popes have said since Leo XIII. It is embarrassing to have to say it yet again.

Sometimes the character and the extent of an evil may be seen in what those who practice it regard as trivial. When Saint José Anchieta was preaching to the natives in Brazil, he met a well-respected old lady who asked for her favorite snack as she lay dying. She wanted fingers. Not just any fingers: children’s fingers.

That is how I think of such abominations as Drag Queen Story Hour. They are our form of children’s fingers. I do not mean that the queens are cannibals. They are not so savage and bloodthirsty. Yet in some ways they are worse. They are not the inheritors of an evil custom. They are the initiators of one.Esolen, 9.2020.

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

More Headlines Today

  • Dr. Roberts has links to two stories about those “finger eaters:” 100 genders for UK kids, and pedo normalization. PCR
  • Tulsi stands for us when “our own” stand down. Amazing. She demands to know if Creepy Joe has instituted martial law. She also defends us against PA2. InfoWars
  • 2020 gave us the largest rise in poverty in 50 years. I wonder why! MSN
  • Maybe sensing things have gone too far – and with Joe in – CA, MI, and other states start ending the hoax. How convenient. Deadline

Does This Explain The Killing?

  • Iranian General Qassim Soleimani convinced Russia to intervene and save the Syrian situation, says a Hezbollah leader (yeah). If so, given the US’s humiliation, this could explain the back-stabbing murder. Or not. MiddleEastObserver

THE LAST WORD…Keep Your Guard UP!

Given all of the above, and more, we’re in survival mode as a nation and a society. Two stories illustrate the rot:

NYC: mob beats down man for clothes and phone. FOX5NY

Lake Charles: 4 teen girls stab 15-yo girl to death in Walmart – because… WBRZ2

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