PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 29, 2021 – The End of the Law

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 29, 2021 – The End of the Law


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Welcome to Law-free Amerika

The “Rule of Law” was a hallmark of both Grecco-Roman and Anglo-American civilization for the better part of 3,000 years. For now, in the USSA, it’s over. Today we discuss a few stories in the news that illustrate that point, as if any more illumination is necessary.

For starters, Creepy Joe 46 overturned a Trump EO so as to pave the way for Chi-Com parts in the USSA power grid. See where this might lead? DISRN

Whatcha think???


Law-Free Stories in the News

  • For fifty years the US has been flooded with third-world invaders. Trump slowed the process. Biden is intent on accelerating it. He just met a legal challenge. Oops! The Trump treatment in the “courts.” “A federal judge in Texas on Tuesday temporarily blocked a move by President Joe Biden to halt the deportation of certain immigrants for a 100-day period, a swift legal setback for his ambitious immigration agenda.” DailyMail
  • As explained by a gloating he-she in an op-ed at a “conservative” think tank, Biden has ended the dreaded “trans ban” in the USSA military. Russia just deployed the world’s fastest, long-range nuclear missile. Yeah… AEI
  • Backing up to 45 and his second impeachment trial, Rand Paul tested the waters and found an insufficient GOP participation for conviction. Very, very important stuff. RT
  • It’s headed to the USSA – the gun control of the UK. Across the Pond, most guns are banned along with self-defense. Criminals are a protected class. Are we doomed to become Tony Martins? PCR
  • For gun control and general population control, they’re already hard at work in the USSA. It’s easier when idiots voluntarily turn over private information to Farcebook, which in turn, sends it directly to the FBI. If you are on mainstream socialized media, you have only yourself to blame. ZeroHedge

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

They’ll Come After Everyone

  • Brandon Straka is a NYC homosexual hairdresser and the founder of Walk Away, a disseident Democrat group. Already banned from Farcebook, Straka was just arrested for being at the peaceful protests in DC, January 6. If he’s not safe, you’re not safe. GatewayPundit

The Class(less) Agenda

  • “Anti -Racism” is a code word for Anti-White. The lesson was learned by some teachers in Missouri. After an hour of evil guilt-tripping, this happened: “Finally, after more than an hour of training, one white teacher, who was raised by a black stepfather began pushing back, asking: “Is the district saying that we should be Marxists?” They answered, “yes.” And, it’s much worse than that. CityJournal
  • It is not your imagination: there is a demographic war in the USSA. There has been since 1965. Whites are the primary targets, though everyone should worry. Here’s a preview of what damage the 2020 Census will soon reveal. A first ever numerical decrease… Brookings
  • It’s a financial class war too, with the elites on one side and everyone else on the other. Our side is being hammered. The COVID fiasco was used to further widen the gap. “Unemployment, hunger, institutional breakdown, and the destruction of social bonds are not symptoms of a virus. They are the indirect violence of class warfare. The pandemic is a convenient scapegoat for the largest upward wealth transfer in modern human history. Under the pretext of a public health policy, elites have successfully waged a counterrevolution that will result in the erosion of working conditions and quality of life for generations to come.” Bellows
  • It’s a war on individuals, families, and communities. That’s why, part of the reason, that 20% of USSA adults have an STD. Do as thou wilt? FOX5NY


When the Churches locked out their flocks last year, I asked earnestly if anyone had ever become ill from receiving Euhcarist. No one has been able to show me a single case. Something about the grace of Jesus as a shield perhaps. I did find an older study that answers my question: ““People who sip from the Communion cup don’t get sick more often than anyone else,” said Anne LaGrange Loving, a New Jersey microbiologist who has conducted one of the few studies on the subject. “It isn’t any riskier than standing in line at the movies.”LATimes (2005). It’s a war on humanity. 

Wait! Hang on, coffee lovers! Look at this mega-roasting baby!

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