PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 5, 2021 – Putin Shakes World Order

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 5, 2021 – Putin Shakes World Order


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Today’s Featured Topic is: The President Speaks

“They” are against him, as usual, as always. Here’s why, this time: Vlad spoke to the Davosians and did not make them happy with his plain, nationalistic common sense. From Moon of Alabama:

Obviously, the era linked with attempts to build a centralised and unipolar world order has ended. To be honest, this era did not even begin. A mere attempt was made in this direction, but this, too, is now history. The essence of this monopoly ran counter to our civilisation’s cultural and historical diversity.” Read the whole thing.

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Globos Attack in the News

  • If they hate Putin, and they do, then they also hate Viktor Orban of Hungary. He and his true government, in addition to many other great things, is pushing forward to hold BIG TECH accountable. Breitbart
  • That might be happening in Florida too. Trump is gone and DeSantis is probably the libtards number one new target. He is also targeting the tech tyrants. “This is the widest and most aggressive range of regulatory and legislative solutions so far proposed by any U.S. state to tackle the problem of tech censorship.” 90Miles

Red, Blue, and You

  • Democrats float “bonds” to “help” poor babies – $46K(??). Nice, if unaffordable, but have you noticed that people, if they get anything, have to wait forever for the payout, but giant corps get the cash now?? Newsmax
  • A rigged, left-wing report says there is no tech censorship of “conservatives.” They ignore the Trump bans, and attacks on say … Freedom Prepper, and foist FOX and Benny Shapiru as examples of the “right.” Fulcrum
  • Dr. Roberts sees where this is going. AOC might want to look as well; us today, her tomorrow in the new totalitarian USSA. “Too late do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and their ilk realize that no one is safe in a police state.  In Stalinist Russia not even the heroes of the Bolshevik Revolution who were members of the Politburo were safe.  Bukharin himself was framed in a show trial and executed.” PCR

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Health Matters Today

  • Now, they’re wrapping all their evil goals into one package. I steered away from this, because it’s gross, but it’s getting too much traction… (sigh) Meet the COVID … anal swab… LRC
  • It’s worse than ever!!! Get sodomized for safety! Wear five masks! Wait, why are all the numbers crashing? From PBS/Twitts:
  • Equity, inclusion, equality, no one is illegal – all that bullshit goes out the window when it’s us moving in on them: The old Whites are coming for the POC “jabs.” Oh, no. DailyKos


Not a movie! It’s our new, tired reality! “Here’s a pretty good reason to make sure you’re getting enough rest and relaxation in your life. More than a third of people are walking around with the same symptoms as concussion due to stress and lack of sleep, suggests a new study.” Get some rest. StudyFinds

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