PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 6, 2021 – The Joint Session

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 6, 2021 – The Joint Session


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It’s Wednesday, January 6, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: 1 PM…

Good morning and good day. At 1 PM (ET) the House and Senate shall gather in the District of Corruption to certify the vote of the Electoral College. While I do not necessarily know exactly what will happen, I am sticking to my ancient prediction of a Trump victory. As we’ve been promised, today should be ”wild.” Here follow some other news items for your consideration. This evening (or afternoon), as the dust settles in Congress, I intend to host a first ever PPN LIVESTREAM!!! We’ll take a fun look at the day’s events. For now, I’m saying 6:00 PM (ET). Please be aware that today may possibly see widespread internet and utility outages. Podcast listeners: 1) thank you for recent record attendance! And 2) join us here on YT for the live event. Libertarians: no, my title today does in no way reference your primary subject.

Whatcha think???


Electoral Stories in the News

  • The Raffensperger call reporting is complete projection BS. It was Trump’s last attempt to help a corrupt official come clean. WaPo
  • Biden’s concession would help smooth things out and he may be contemplating that this week. Why else cancel his inauguration parade? Breitbart

Health and Wellness!

  • The post-Christmas SURGE is underway, allegedly in CA. 2.5 MILLION DEAD, by October 2020, remember? Yawn. KTLA
  • How about some virus and “vaccine” truth? Here’s Dr. Igor Shepherd, who has studied the “virus” and has a few things to warn about the “vaccine.” VIDEO AT LRC. And, here’s the transcript.
  • And again, at least the flu is gone! Like it never happened, maybe because it’s been reclassified as something else? ZeroHedge

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Good Living Headlines Today

  • Why are so many people in England (and the US) popping antidepressants and other pills? Could it be our societies??? Guardian
  • Julian Assange should be pardoned – even though he broke no laws. Still, at least he’s no longer facing extradition out of the UK. Why? Issues, the kind one might expect after being persecuted for a decade. SUN
  • WATCH THE NEW ARRIVALS! CA escapees are fleeing to GA and bringing the same old problems they just left. Some are even running for office and being supported by local idiots. CNN
  • Some say working from home is better and more productive than sitting in an office all day. They may be right. Before the industrial revolution, most people worked in or near the home. Back to nature? WSJ


I’ll see you around 6, this evening. It may be possible to rig up the YT chat thing. We’ll have a party either way.

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