PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 7, 2021 – A Breather

PREPPER POST NEWS – Jan 7, 2021 – A Breather


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s Thursday, January 7, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.


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Today’s Featured Topic is: It’s a Day of Rest!

How was last night?

Whatcha think???


Headline Stories in the News

  • The UK is under lockdown again … again. BBC
  • The Dark Winter! See if you can count all the hype, BS, and lies in all these doom predictions. GlobalResearch
  • Do as I say! The CEO of Pfizer is reluctant to take the vaccine he says we must have. BestEvidence (Watch before it’s gone)
  • Dr. Roberts assesses 2021. “Countries can for a while survive corruption, but not evil. The US Establishment is evil beyond comprehension—pedophilia, imprisonment of the innocent, destruction of jobs and hopes so that corporate executives can have higher bonus packages, destruction of entire countries for the sake of the profits of the defense industry and the neocons’ ideology of American hegemony, torture in order to silence those who tell the truth, destruction of the US Constitution in order to make Americans “safe” from terrorists, Covid, or whatever is the orchestrated threat.PCR

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More Headlines Today

  • Another stimulus check?! This is going to turn into UBI. CBS62Detroit
  • Section 230 lives. The FCC has done nothing about Big Tech/Social abuses of us. “The prospects of Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai taking action on an effort to narrow social media companies’ legal protections under a 1996 law are increasingly unlikely.” Reuters


Based on a comment at FPC, here’s a starter rundown on gas masks for preppers – a very good idea. PewPewTactical

And, maybe, a word on Gammas…

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